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I think that There are all going to have like a lot of really great opportunities because of what they are like on the brink of accomplishing outside of the house. So i think that That they will all be rewarded for like Their commitment to That this caused that they are like trying so hard to represent in the house. And i mean i think also there is like this so there what brings them together fighting for something greater which is like it's so inspiring to see that's also how i mean not that specific reason but other alliances also function very similarly where we're like. Well when are they going to turn. What are they gonna flip. What are they gonna turn on their alliance. You see people that form these solid groups that then march to the end together and you know this one is i ought to. The comparison is the brigade. It's been talked about before so that even though you know they wanted to go after you know certain parties they had this group and they marched on march down and so i think yeah the cookouts can do the same thing okay all right anything else Bb twenty-three to talk about here tonight. I think we're in for a fun. Ride yeah think it's going to keep going. I think these next two weeks are going to be very interesting with this high rollers room. Yes I think the big thing for thursday shows moving forward to finale is keep your eyes out for any member of the cookouts goodbye messages. Because they've made this agreement to not mention the cookout so it'll be intriguing to see if all of them stick to it if none of them stick to it and how that plays out. That'll be very fun to see. I'm having a a amazing time. Rob both watching the show watching the feeds talking about it on the podcast. Both on the live updates in here with you on the recap. It's a great time to be a big fan. I'm happy to be a part of it. So thank you yeah. Let me Touch on what you said with the goodbye messages. I wonder i. And i know they've talked about okay. We're not gonna talk about the cookout in the goodbye messages but will anybody potentially and again. They're edited so that the is really get to pick what they see. We'll anybody say it without saying that's possible allude to it without saying it outright. Victory vote of goodbye messages. Say it. I didn't save now said there was a grope and we were working together tangling. I never talked about the cut out. Yeah so i think that we could potentially See that happening. The goodbye messages have not been in the episodes. They've been in the segment that comes afterwards. where you can watch online on the cbs instagram That julie has been doing W fiction probably. We're not going to get it in the next two weeks. do we think we get the double eviction. The first week that there is no haram. Honestly i think that's po- possible and i think that should that happen the immediate combat after that could be slip and slide like. I think that's how that's the natural order there. Where because you're going to get that quick fast forward of quick cop and the veto then you get that. Big endurance comrade after Okay yeah that's that's possible. I mean again you know. They don't want too much of a backup. I think and big brother loves loves to always surprised us. I hear expect the unexpected. Yeah that's right now. Okay let me tell you about what else is going on here in. The world of rob has a podcast. Okay tomorrow night. will be alive after the episode should be a fun one taryn melissa and jacob jones alive after the episode so join us tomorrow night after the addiction. Then of course Check out the live. Update coming up on thursday morning when taryn and maggie. Morgan is back. They will tell you everything that went on in the big brother house today on wednesday wednesday got told me about the live feeds from wednesday. Yes okay that'll be tomorrow morning at eleven. Am and of course if you missed the stock watch on the round table last night. Asia welsh join taryn and melissa to talk through. All of the stock prices joined by the voice of the correct people. Melissa danny on this latest round of the stock watch on monday night i talked with szanto francis on the slop talking about a bunch of different things including kylie's friend who made out with one of the dudes from the bachelor of the bad from the bachelorette. Did you see this very surprising. The the her the yeah the friend and then she also the pictures. It was a bunch of pictures of her. And kyle end no mention of any bachelor bachelorettes. And then also we talk about Some sad news In terms of Feuding Big brother alumni. Show manses on the latest edition of the slop. Then last night we went for a fairly long time as we talked about season number. Five in the countdown of survivor. China talked with curse mikhael. Here's mccain's and brian scally. As we went through it.

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