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Kevin Durant, NBA, Lakers discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Lakers here on the Stephen a Smith show on ESPN radio will Cain filling in for Stephen on. I make that point about the Lakers. And where this could go for them this summer. And I think the most important thing is it really illustrates the power of Kevin Durant. It really illustrates. I talked about the X factors in these NBA playoffs guys whose futures performance and the impact on their team could swing our expectations. Now laid that out in the first hour here on the Stephen a Smith show, you can go check it out on the ESPN app or on apple podcasts on demand. I told you that I believe. Kyri Irving in the east, and Russell Westbrook in the west are big swing factors for what we expect the commodities NBA playoffs but this off season. There is no bigger swing factor. There is no bigger name that absolutely changes the fortunes of half a dozen franchises in the NBA, then Kevin Durant because if Kevin Durant leaves the warriors the most important thing to understand is the bar is lowered. Now, you don't need three to four big time stars now to will do. To with some good players around you and you can compete. Yes. You'll tough to beat Steph and clay, and they'll still be a great team. But think about what? Everyone else then has to build the Lakers could put one other big name next to LeBron or to tier be guys next to LeBron or Katie go to New York and team up with kyri. And now that's all team that you can take seriously. You know, what else you want to keep playing dominoes, you when we show you how impactful this K D thing is I'll tell you this. If K D leaves the warriors that not only impacts how many stars you need to win a title, but it impacts which stars. Not just leaving this free agency cycle. But my over the next couple of years. I'll tell you this. How about this? Stick around. How about this a raining or soon to be NBA MVP? Jaanus how Kevin Durant leaving the warriors would impact where Jaanus plays basketball in the next couple of seasons. I'll lay that out unless address exactly what is the expectations for James harden. One is falling short. What is living up to it? Is this the year? The James harden has to beat the warriors. Is it a failure?.

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