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Right now. New users can get exclusive. Plus 1500. Odd is unbelievable. What I learned my lesson. I had been struggling with it, actually, for a couple of just so you know, I notice I now learn my lesson to just slow. If you notice I'd slowed down before I get to that word. Do a little do a little bit of let me clear my throat and then I'm good to go. Right, Jo, we're talking about Yannick Noah, and you got a little confused embryonic Noah. Course he used. I swear to God, you know, dated Stacy Williams. Get out of here. Yeah, I didn't know that. Stacy Williams is not joking. Noah's father, right? No mother. He's a modern mother, but not his mother. That's bad, man. That's bad. That's Yeah, I got it. Yeah, I got it backwards. That's on. You sure did. Ah, Howard asking a rare Ah, at middle of mistakes. That's a ridiculous coming by. May. Yeah, it is. Wass originated on Giulio show, but we have used it. We've made it our own and we'll continue. That drop has come into its own. Yeah, cool coming to town. Hijau. Ah, classic. You said things like this before, but it's never not funny. I really am a dork argument here. Shouted to Jack! Fritz! I didn't even hear this. Joe! You mayday! Startling admission today, and I'm not even a huge fan of the Eagles. What? No, I'm not even a huge fan of the Eagles possible. What was the contacts, please? I don't know, Jack for its got it for me. We're different Word sentence this place together. No, you're small, And I'm not even a huge fan of the Eagles. Was that referring to like Tio your physical size to win the game? I assume I meant like I'm not a huge fan of them to win the game, But I'm feeling more hopeful. No, I just know that's what you said. What do you know what he doing? Detective tape, as they say. I don't like that. And then that should be struck from the record. You gotta play that a lot. You could whip them into a friends. And I'm not even a huge fan of the Eagles. Just not believable, right? I mean, James, you got your huge eagles James. What you cut You cut me green green comes out actual green. Not water, but green. Let's try. Let's not say we got a problem or we mentioned that you mention it, man. You really went hard after all. Oh, and you got you got owned man you got trounced. IQ's athlete. You know, Transfer last week last week you beat me. I trounced you this week. It's OK though I was. I mean, you sound like a fine fella. I'm giving you a hard time here, but I'm not done because you know you got your ass kit. You're not wrong for you. You got your ass kicked pretty good. You got your ass kicked. If you haven't noticed late, ladies, let me just say I'm just a guy..

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