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And I'm glad that he's doing it. Even though it's really bad game play in the back seat. And let me drive talking to you. I heard. Okay. All right Scottie. Who do? You wanna see win the veto? Rickie? I don't want any chance that he gives back towards. Okay. So if Ricky does win the veto Teheran who will go home from these nominations candy or Mr. Joey Lawrence, rob. I can't even tell you what Ricky will do with veto. Want him to win. I basically so now that Ricky knows that Tom was after him and the women are fully off the Tom and Gedo train. They spoke with Joey and Joey has been really playing the game pretty hard lately, and Joey is has seemingly convinced them to turn on Tom Cato completely and work with Joey instead because Joey is a genuine dude he's all about he want. He's ready to flip the game against Tom Cato. He's he's rearing into go. Meanwhile, Tomko think that Joey is with them and for them, and that's why they can back door Joe. Even our back door, Ricky, even without the support of the women. But but the women are now working with Joey and Ricky and tame taymor, and that their plan is okay, Joey if you win the veto don't use it that way, he can't back. Ricky, don't worry. We'll save. You will vote candy. Meanwhile, they're telling the men, hey, we I we need Joey gone because he's after us you're not you're not doing what we want by trying to back door Ricky 'cause we need Joey gone. So. There there now playing the guys they're playing Tom in Kato. And so the plan is to give Joey the veto. So that he won't use it. And then they'll vote out probably can be. Although there's still some talk of potentially voting Joey out, even if he doesn't use the veto. Yeah. Even if he wins doesn't use it. But whom probably I think I think that that would be a step too, far even for them. And I think that Joey one didn't use it. They would in fact ahead in both candy out. So candy would be the person to go. However, there is still the possibility that somebody like Ricky wins. He might use it to do something. I there's so many things that could happen guys. They go run circles all the time. All right. So busy busy day of updates of with Taryn. Of course, a wall. So likely know the holder of veto, and however those plans may change coming up tomorrow morning at eleven AM eastern, eight AM Pacific. Yes. Sorry. The chaff wanted out correctly. I wasn't even. Ricky's is not even playing the that's not even something. Yeah. So a low low is playing the three people Dina, I believe is playing and then. I is it taymor believe is also planning. So if she wants to win it. All right. Great, great, great synopsis, and of course, more more to come in the morning. Scotty anything else you want to get off your chest about the celebrity big, brother. Big brother, twenty Batman. Anything your landlord the hive cruise? No everything's chill here. I got nothing else to report. We'll scott. This was really nice to get to talk to one of these podcasts. What's what's on the shelves behind? You. Oh, got my picture of everybody got raven brash may to h letter this ABC's is of Mr. T bobblehead. No regular funk. Oh, if had bobble Seattle. Yeah. I have a Mr. T bobblehead over behind me. So that we have we share that in common method bond down to bed, Mr. tease, not on celebrity big, brother. I would love Mr. the big brother who take me this week. It'd be it'd be so VA. Yeah. Then you have a near the eight ball back there to where the paper machine. Magic eight ball. No. It's basketball basketball, eight fall. Wow. If I ever played you onto Tyler on my team. I will let him take the last shots..

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