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A good little bite going. You just never know. You're right, Bob. Okay. See what happens there? I'll open up people down there. That's going to be doing some fishing. So what's going on? We'll talk your next Saturday. Okay. Bob. Thanks, clyde. You bet. Bye. Clyde ones the old timer. Well, sad to say Tim Brady up at Trenton. Trinity outdoors is calling it quits. I talked to him yesterday. Tim last week. I I called you and Zach Collins was in who had just got off the river with his daughter on a kind of a test run a really caught some nice steelhead on the trinity down below Junction City has that held up that fishing. Yeah. It's held up. There's. There. There aren't very many people around fishing shows who are seem to be doing just fine. Yeah. Nobody's disappointed on. No. I don't know where so many of them are that would normally are here. Especially due to the you know, the conditions. But anyway, that's I don't know. Yeah. But, but at least at least there's fish in the river, and and it's fissionable as being well, of course, we don't know how long it's gonna stay fishbowl with this weather coming in. But the Turkey river needs some water anyway. Oh, yeah. But the bulk of it sounds like it's going to be snow and a fair amount of it. But all above say three thousand feet. Yeah. So well, keep the rivers run a little higher. Then that's good. Well, it won't necessarily go up as if like two thirds of the rain the precipitation stays on the mountains. Yeah. Yeah. Which is a good. I mean, it'll come up a little, but it won't necessarily that. When when they're letting out three hundred cubic feet per second in that river, even a little means something on that river without a doubt. Yeah. So it's not like it's the Smith river where they went from thirteen thousand cubic feet down eight thousand q. Yes. Like, I mean my goodness. Thirty cubic feet. A second is still ten percent. More flow, right? And you go buy another trip, and it goes up another. Yeah. So. Yeah. By the time it gets Junction City. It can be back up there in the five six seven hundred. Yeah. That's right. That's right. And that's good water there for. So I just reluctant to say this because I don't know I think you've been on this program as long as I've had the program which is going on thirty years I with the hotel than in your shop. Now, you've decided to hang up and move to. Johnny cash said might even wind up in Idaho. There you go. Going. It sounds like or as the more. We talk about it the more. It sounds like we aren't the only ones that are headed that way. I just saw thing yesterday that they did. Now, more people are moving out of California that are moving in. Gee, I wonder why. When you're one of the many, so. Seemed like every every week. I hear of a couple more people. I know that are moving out of California. So anyway, you're doing it. You decide not to bother with selling the store. You're just going to do an inventory sale. Correct. Yeah. Now, we gave this sale thing, you know, tried to find somebody, but nobody seemed to want to work, and it was in or it is a lot of seven days a week, and it's a job. But anyway now for is enough. It's not that it. It hasn't been good to us as far as a living and stuff goes. It's just it's we're both sixty seven years old and. Now, it's time to go. Do something else. Yeah. I mean, it's hard to leave an area. You Ben basically as long as you have. But why not see what see what the adventure brings friends are going to be the biggest. You know, and then hopefully with any luck at all. So. Well, if nothing else we'll have a couple of RV spots in our yard. With full hookups. There you go. Well, listen is really going to be missed because you've got a great shop there. I mean, it's hard not to find exactly what you need always been like that. But you're you're putting everything on so everything in the shop is on sale. Correct. Okay. And how long you think you're gonna you're gonna hang in there. Well. Probably five or six weeks. Okay. Hopefully not much longer than that. Now. Just you're just see what what what what what happens. Okay. But but it's going to be business unusual up to that time. And then we can alert people we can give them at least a week's notice. When you're gonna shut it down. So they don't come up ill prepared, correct? Okay. Good deal is not going to be the same. But you know, what I ran too long thinking that way, you know. And it's finally time to just that's where I am. And and that's enough. I mean, there were there's I should have for the last few years. I probably should have been closed a day or two a week. But there wasn't anywhere else. Else in this town by you know, a package of hooks. Where some sinkers. Anyway, that's the guy is so conscientious he thinks if somebody's going to drive all the way up here, go fishing, and they get here. And there's no place to buy any tackle. That would be terrible. So he stayed open. Amin, and he stayed open for seven days a week for years and years before he had this shop, he was they own the hotel in downtown Weaverville and on the ground floor was the sports shop hunting, and fishing and everything. And I used to stay at the hotels mother used to run the hotel. They leave a room open for me if I come up late at night. I mean, it was it was great. So I've been friends a long time. I hope I hope they do something through. Maybe the hardware store pick up the patient. We'll let you know. But anyway, tends number for the latest fishing five three zero six two three four nine nine nine. We'll be back with some trout news right after this. Government shutdown. Away from fresh update. Absolute gridlock. Whenever necessary. It's time to get busy. We'll break in immediately. They're not getting the wall on NewsRadio. Af PK border security continued and on the most common New Year's resolution. Yep. You guessed it get in shape. So whether you're hitting the gym or doing it at home make sure when.

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