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Got taken over the net by grant out of the right point, Jamie Alexia to maneuver to Brian Ross, right circle shoots blocked in front that stunt podcast. But it does ricochet all the way back to the Pittsburgh catch trying to get off the ice and lightning. Catch a break is Simone proceeded rust into the lightning, and that's an offside against Pittsburgh. Well, nearly three minutes of whistle free hockey. No score. Lightning doing a really good job at getting fresh legs on the ice. They were keeping the Pittsburgh Penguins hemmed in their zone and able to get some good changes. They're forcing castle and ruidoso to just kind of throw the puck up the ice and turn it over on able to clear it so great sustained pressure by the Tampa Bay Lightning podcasts really in some distress at the bench. Hopefully, you can shake off that block shot. Meantime, Matt Colin stern forty two years old wins a neutral zone from Anthony's rally. Your comes rumbling out to center ice. Walking across the lightning line left. Social cross is to call and right corner. Centers at Matthew Joseph in perfect position intercept and hurried out to corn Florida the red line scooped in giving chase Joseph by that. Zac, asking Reese, they'll turn it over Lee, right circle. Maneuver to corn by Alex caloric tried to center it it's picked off by. Gary Wilson to the penguins cleared out to send our Comoran. Immediately. Turns it back in for Sarah left circle of shot bought up by Murray. A hold on sixteen eighteen left in a scoreless. First. That's a rally line against the sabers was so key in generating scoring chances. And I think the defensive play from Anthony, Sarah, really went unspoken. But he was so good. And and he did a great job on the back. Check and was able to get the lone goal for the lightning in that last game on a great effort and a fantastic pass from Alex Killarney up the middle Jordan walk into the right of Murray. It's one by the penguins, by doom Lynn Jessop out the horn quits, it said icy swats it into the late again. Head over to even though I need our corner turns with it and feeds it out to Yanni Gortat setup streaks with the red line chips it in. Get it is Tanner Pearson. His first game with the penguins is Jack looks to make a steal a fiddle headman shot blocked Malkin after the puck loses. Gore left circle shoots blocked rebound. Brayden point right circle. Didn't quite settle down. It's taken away by Brian Dumoulin. Spins it out to Pearson at center ice. He'll chip it in Girardi clears at doodle and knocks down short password quiz ready for a change Bill pacu zone zone and chat room four and a half minutes in no score. Left wing Alexia zips into the lighting circuit, you have intercepts quick cata coutry off leaving through traffic the middle, right? Right point, processed JT. Miller left circle dropped LaPointe sorta of quick shot routine. Go up save their for Murray. Hold on with fifteen. Fifteen left any scoreless. First a nice play by Nikita kucherov. He's very good at this. As soon as he sees there's going to be time and space open on the other end of the icy kind of does the polls the brakes really quickly turns around, and he feeds JT Miller coming up the left wing just a little bit out of his reach. Maybe a little bit too much sauce on them the lightning doing a great job at keeping the Pittsburgh Penguins on their heels a little bit in their own end. Miller and Colin. Rate of Murray. One by Cohen. We bought on the penguins net slaves. It up the far side to Wilson. Connect with pollen and the lightning zone circle. I Colin leaves it Alexi act backhander. Block and front rebound. Wilson shoots that got the flex wide left. Sergeyev jamming it out of his own Jamie Alexia, four a star right side for Mata cranks. It back in the mix. Sweets that are on the far side kucherov while size pass handled by Brandon Coburn. He'll walk it out to center lane. You're changing a and drops it in bottle on the counter we monitor right winger. Shane from zone. L filed suit to the lightning and mcdonagh's. There was across the turn Acas. A man autumn did well to protect that and find Callahan Ross Ice. Mcdonagh the center Ryan mcdonagh across the Pittsburgh line. A little pass Stornoway away by tank plans counter, maybe three onto castle across the blonde gal put it in on demand as he was.

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