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Probably losing Charles Matthews. I I say, you know, the longer it goes on the longer. I wonder you know, is he waiting for something he is they're actually decision here because the plan in his words he was always treating the season like his last season. Of course, he didn't get the banners that he wanted. And it's not like there's a lucrative NBA opportunity awaiting. It's going to be an uphill battle. You know, he's not projected to be. I think he's projected to be late second round pick by almost everybody. Now, he could play his way up certainly if seen that movie before. But he's twenty three has a degree. If I were in his family, and he asked me for advice. I would say. Go you got your degree? You can always go back to it. You know, you've you've done you've done your four years in college. You certainly made a lasting impact. Go make it on your own. So I expect him to go. Frankly, I I'd put the odds at him returning. Maybe. Five percent. Two percent. Not zero but pretty low. You know, an AB line. Even said, we expect him to go pro. I don't think he's not one of those guys who says that. If he hadn't checked it almost snorted. They're your that one. Yeah. He kinda doodle sort of their tongue guy caught. It's whatever excuse you wanna use? Okay. So I expect him to go pro. So they need a new start of their. And that's where thanks get interesting. Do you? Because they I think abors Davis beeline. It said he feels like steak is a small forward. He said that throughout the year. Now, he's good rebound. First of all forward, five point, four rebounds. You know, able to defend some of the big men. But he could be a natural fit at the three. He very well. Could go pro I don't you know, if if I were if I were an advisor of him. I'd say, well how much better do you think you can do next year? And michigan. Is he averaged fourteen point eight points, five point, four rebounds. He was the big ten freshman of the year. Second team all big ten. What is the next step in beeline system meat is he gonna shoot forty one percent from three again. I'm sorry. Thirty nine thirty nine percent from three that's pretty good. He's not a shooter. He was never. I mean, he can shoot. But he was never a a considered a three point shooting guy. He was considered gets to the rim. Bucket getting type. So I would look big question frame is what can what can it be better at? He's jacked someone someone tweet. He's got to get stronger. No, he doesn't student twenty pounds all muscle. If you if you want to get him bigger and stronger, you're changing who he is as a player. Maybe maybe I thought his defense is actually pretty good all season. He really bought in on defense. Probably could be better as a pastor. Shot blocker, maybe especially if he moves to three. You know? So so I guess there's some things, but he was really good. And I think the big question is where does he get better? Because there's no nothing obvious just doing it more and doing it more consistently. I mean, he had the second most points in freshman history. The only guy with more is Jalen rose. More than Webber more than Mike McGee more than Trey Burke, more than many Harris more than Nick staus gifts any freshman. You wanna you wanna name except Jalen rose? So he's starting three you probably feel good about that. Because he probably carry a big minute load. Six seven fits a position. Well. But you know, Jalen Wilson. Kind of strikes me as a little bit more of a force, maybe badgers, your three. But that's where they have extra. Attrition. They might it seems like they've got a lot of big men. Not a lot of wing to three types some of. That's just the way things go I Adrian Nunez player. Forgot to mention not sure what not sure what his. His. Not sure what his role is going to be next year. Just because he played so little this year. It's hard to tell he was someone they had to learn a lot of basketball. He's always been a great shooter. But even in high school, he wasn't averaging double figures, which is kind of bizarre. I think when he went to prep school he did. But he is he's never been this dominant player. Michigan is kind of taken a taking a project chance there. So we'll see what he can do. But he's got the length to play three. If needed six foot five. And frankly, we saw Ahah livers play a little bit of the three. It didn't look. Didn't look on reasonable. But they've got a lot of forwards not a lot of threes. So if there is a market for over crude. I think the two three kind of combo type player is what they need because we don't know a badge of is going to look like either at the four I think you feel really good there. I mean, you got if you want him at the four Isaiah livers. I think he's he's a great. He could be you know, second or third team all big ten at the four big thing with him is just playing aggressive every night. I think he started to find that. Season with seven points nine points a game three point nine rebounds a game. In you know, bench off the bench. That's that's solid. He could be a double digit score. And he's just constantly seeing the game a little bit better. And all he was always he's always been an unselfish guy. Great great quote. You know, if I want to get a phone to hear what what players think Charles Matthews, I go I go straight delivers. Or if I want to hear what players think has ever since I go straight delivered. So he's he loves his teammates. He loves being here. And I think I could very well. See him have a breakout junior season. You know, he's played a lot already hasn't done. You know, as it hasn't made this incredible impression, but probably their best dunker probably one of the best shooters. Really good length. Really good athleticism key could be the next San man project. Also, the four Brandon Johns. I know he played the backup five this year. He was always supposed to be a backup for though, he's six eight to twenty five. High profile recruit. There's just a learning curve and that happens. I mean, he played at a small school. He he played a you was good. That's why he was a high profile recruit. But I think there's I think fancy some of these freshmen play, and they're like, why can't all the freshmen be like that. And it's it's just not how it goes. Think back to John as a freshman or Xavier Simpson as a freshman or Muhammad Ali Abdul Rachman as a freshman. Dunkin Robinson was playing d three is a freshman mo- Wagner. Nothing DJ Wilson nothing. So it happens it happens. And then they then they get better. So I think brand John's could be another guy breakout player. And then Jalen Wilson. I think he's one of those freshmen I think can make an incident packed. He's top fifty guy top fifty recruit kind of fell a little bit in the rankings. Not sure I haven't followed enough to know if that's warranted or other players past him or not. But you know, he's six eight to twenty you could dunk can score think he can defend Evan. Watched those usually don't make the highlights, but. You know, I think I think the forest probably their their other than point guard probably their best position, assuming stays he could go and that would that would be a loss at the five got John esky feel good about him. Don't you at this point? Yeah. Nine point five point seven point, zero rebounds. Led the big ten in blocks. I can't ask for much more. Well, though, you can had to blocks two blocks game. Thinking it up fifth in school history in blocks in a season. I mean, that's that's incredible. Given what we saw from John before he's improved five inches on his vertical. Leap. They do a drill where they run as many links of the court as they can in three minutes. And he's John Anderson told me the average is around or a good point guard is in guard type is going to be around twenty nine. Intest ski when he first did it was twenty three. So that means he was getting out outran by. What? Twenty percent. There are people that were that were run in twenty percent faster than him. He's got he's got it up to twenty six. So he's just getting faster. Getting stronger they weren't ad in wait for him. He was already at a good weight, but a little bit more toned. I just see his mentality is growing. But it's Chris young will point out. It's not all the way there yet. There's still some layups. There's still some quiet moments. Eric in South Carolina, screaming Tillis faces blue. Gotta be faster gotta be quicker. To be ready to slow down some of these athletic bigs, I think he did a better job than than some give him credit for. I mean, I didn't see much from Taylor cook. And look at Garza the second time, I will play them, you know, and and some of these some of these players three Coen's hat is number. But some of these guys. Thing task. You did a really nice job. I think I mean, you know us. Probably one of the top ten or so defensive centers in the in the nation. Which is a pretty stacked list. See I thought lot lots to like they're so anyway, those that's probably a Colin Casselton just keep getting bigger. He's got the exact prototype in my my eyes as Wagner. You know, I think he can shoot he can probably Wagner DJ Wilson hybrid because you can block shots to. Yeah. So so anyway, I o in Austin Davis continues to think he's fourth on the depth chart right now at center. So I don't know what what I didn't see enough the past couple of months to know what his path to more playing time is. But that's why I'm not the coach I'm not in those practices. I'm not telling telling anybody what to do. Anyway, we're gonna hit a break. 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