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George Washington Bridge, Verrazano Bridge, Perreault discussed on WCBS Programming


Island Brown, bound outer bridge crossing. So that's the good news the bad news is still some residual delays there they should be clearing out here up pretty soon the gobbles actually flowing along fine in, both directions although the eastbound. Side. Of the satin island expressway will tie. You up just a little bit as you. Pass the west shore expressway exit that's kind of a usual spot where it gets backed up there the. Verrazano bridge to Brooklyn seeing some delays a little bit, worse than usual this because of a, report of an accident on. The belt Parkway eastbound right at bay eighth street that's got some pretty hefty, delays associated with it and some rubbernecking delays on that. Westbound side of the belt as well or Hudson river crossings looking like this still up to an hour. At the George Washington Bridge both Dax, even after clearing that. Earlier upper level disabled truck we've got delays on the major Deegan trying to get to the Bound side on of the George Washington Bridge is well inbound Lincoln looking at forty five, to fifty minutes and at least an hour now at the Holland on, the inbound side as well our next, traffic update less than. Ten minutes away on WCBS now the forecast here's meteorologist Frank straight This. Evening's looking good if you'll be. Out it'll be mainly clear and comfortable tonight low. Sixty eight. In midtown with cooter suburbs dipping. To the low sixties then tomorrow you'll. See sunshine mixed with a few, clouds overall looks to be a pretty good day with humidity, staying low high eighty four then tomorrow night moisture levels increase it turns. Mostly cloudy and more humid near seventy for Tuesday you'll. See more clouds than sun it'll be muggy with a high. Eighty two also, was showered entity, afternoon Getting. Down to a comfortable sixty eight followed. By one more nice day tomorrow Back to you Eighty degrees. In central. Park right now we've got a cloudy sky here. In downtown Manhattan it's let's see eighty two and Breezy Point eighty two in basking ridge eighty-two in freeport WCBS news time five forty chickens and Bob white quail are potent. Natural tick killers so few hall explains. Before this summer this is what life was like for Chris Caparo and his wife in the backyard of their. Home in Calverton we didn't like having people over because then it was like we felt bad if they, take walk in, probably, be. Like oh check my legs took my arms soon as we go, in the house we'd have to do it tick check and make sure the. Dog the dog it was the worst because he'd get them in between his toes said after taking care of a friend's chickens pa- Perreault realized there were no more ticks. In his yard so the couple bought four chickens from Long Island poultry and now and within two weeks ticks disappeared. In the, yard, he said chickens do not get, sick from eating ticks when birds eat these these texts It's not passed on in their. Eggs or the meat or anything like that you're not going to get lime disease from eating chicken at eight a tick added bonus the chickens will soon be laying eggs. Perrow said he will enjoy those eggs. With his wife Sophia hall WCBS News Radio eight eighty para says that the Bob white quail which used to. Be prevalent in our area each ticks and the quail kept the tick population down but the quail population, has plummeted because, of, habitat. Destruction it's five forty one at w. CBS hi this is Lisa, Stewart director.

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George Washington Bridge, Verrazano Bridge, Perreault discussed on WCBS Programming

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