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Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer bill senators stand up for a fair trial bill Rakoff CBS news Capitol Hill president drop me times as former national security adviser John Bolton wouldn't add much if he testified at a Senate impeachment trial that's going to be up to the lawyers it'll be up to the Senate and we'll see how they feel he would know nothing about what we're talking about because if you know at the U. craning government came out with a very strong statement no pressure no anything and that's from the boss that's when the president of Ukraine Paul Masson if subpoenaed he'd be prepared to testify Democrats have been pushing for testimony from him and others who did not appear before the house impeachment inquiry meantime the articles of impeachment remain in the house yet to be sent to the Senate the justice department is saying in a court filing the former national security adviser Michael Flynn deserves up to six months in prison Flynn pleaded guilty back in twenty seventeen to lying to the FBI about his conversations with that then Russian ambassador to the US at the time he was the closest associate of the president to agree to cooperate in special counsel Robert Muller this investigation what was supposed to be an act of kindness in Attleboro but it is causing quite a controversy Attleboro high senior Jack Sweeney and some of his friends pulled money together and bought long time custodian Tony Coelho a new pair of work boots for Christmas it was recorded and posted on social media most of the feedback was positive but someone raised a question about a potential violation of state ethics rules which bands giving gifts worth more than fifty dollars to public employees principal bill Dooney is astounded someone would take an act of kindness and twisted into something negative I think it's small mindedness hurtful and short sighted custodian Coello meantime wants no part of the uproar he's decided to donate the new boots to someone who really needs them I am a senior Jack Sweeney what he learned from this whole experience giving back is always a great.

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