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And fifty five thousand Americans are thought who have died from symptoms this year around eight. Eighty thousand died last year, Charlie harder. Komo news or road roadwork plan for this weekend through downtown Seattle. As komo's Brian Calvert tells us, you should expect several lane and ramp closures on and near I five last year when we uttered the phrase, revive I five you learned to associated with closures along northbound I five well this year that same phrase now means southbound I five is getting its turn crews will spend the rest of spring and most of summer replacing expansion joints in the southbound lanes of one of the state's busiest freeways in the work continues this weekend tonight and Saturday night. All mainline lanes of southbound I five will close from eleven PM till seven AM at James street, diverting all traffic into the collector distributor lanes during the same period. The westbound I ninety ramp to southbound five and the ramp from southbound five Edgar Martinez drive will close definitely something to keep in mind. If you need to be somewhere early on Easter morning. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Demolition of the Alaskan way of ducked now more than thirty percent complete. That's the word from the Washington State Department. Transportation which also says the contractor is still on track to finish the work this summer the portion of the viaduct across from Colman dock will remain standing until summer in order to keep the Marion street pedestrian bridge operational as the contractor builds a temporary pedestrian bridge along Columbia street and anew Columbia street bridge will eventually connect to new portion of Columbia doc coming up after traffic Seattle school district officials say it's nothing to be concerned about but some staff are concerned about what's spilling out over the floor at John Muir elementary. It's quite bright to whatever that stuff is. I AAA traffic. Check that every ten minutes on the fours. Here's marina. It's a tough one. Southbound I five from one thirtieth through the district all the way into Seattle towards pine street. Westbound five twenty affected by those southbound backup. So that's why it's slow from montlake northbound I five struggling to from five twenty up to Lake City way getting into Everett is a challenge. Northbound I five from the poet freeway all the way up towards twelfth street northeast southbound four zero five on the east. Side, a solid traffic from now about sixtieth south of Kirkland all the way down to I ninety northbound four zero five struggling in Renton from Talbot on up to the Kennydale row Kennydale hill. Southbound I five slow through the south center area from about four or five down to two hundred both directions of 4:05 struggling into Kuala. It's solid traffic. Southbound I five from highway eighteen through five down to the Puyallup river. Northbound also bumper to bumper from highway sixteen to the Puyallup river westbound five twelve those of brake lights begin it's still straight over to I five southbound one six seven becoming heavy from highway eighteen to Ellington this look at traffic brought to you by take back day DA take-back dot com. Your unused prescription drugs could end up in the wrong hands. Take them back. DA's national prescription drug take back day, Saturday, April twenty-seventh from ten until to visit DA take back dot com. Your next KOMO traffic.

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