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He calls her. He says mary and when she hears her name she stops. She turns around. He says mary of magdala. He called her name. I called you by name. That went on my when. I heard him call her name. I didn't hear her name. I heard paris well and then she turned around. He came to her and grabbed her. He pulled her inserted hunter saw deliver. It's happened right there at that very moment. My deliverance happy. Depression fill the anger that i had been struggling with my entire life. I sat there and cry. In that moment. I became a new creature literally. Something different happened to me. I didn't know it was going to. The episode went off after he hugger and i was on the ground in tears as he had called. My name is something broken me bro. And when i say from that moment from palm sunday i was not under. I have not been depression. Something i struggle with my entire life almost and then shortly after that he deliberately from pornography and i have struggled for twenty eight years. And i'm telling you it just changed everything and my life has been completely i got lured is reintroducing to my purpose who i was and to begin instead of me. Run into porn payment. I begin to make him my secret. I will look where. I would spend time in those places. Our was with him in the lower start teaching me. I've been writing books out. He got me. I mean literally. He reported to me the things that he used to live. He's like now. Give back to church so when you hear me go online. You can be certain things after that shortly. Course george floyd you know the whole thing happened with him right. Just was a stern uproar. Allow he wanted to know how i felt about everything now. Like i said prior to that moment had you to call me up privately. Been out there crazy riding on crazy He will ask me how. I was mortified man to see that video just completely crush me to see another human being the human being. But i wasn't in anger like like our probably have been. I was more sad. And i saw from god's perspective one of his children killed on his shoulder and i was like the lewis. I change in my view. Why was looking at things from the ground up. But i'm looking at everything from from heaven. Now my compassion heart not just for black people for the white people for is like. He changed my whole capacity to.

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