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That i might not what and as there's nothing further from the truth buttered to tell you the truth up i mean we do these free workshops at it helps us evangelize what we do but the quite frankly not everybody should be trading the find out of one of the first things remain chair doubt so you know people that come into that workshop by thicker people that are going through some selfdiscovery more than it now being that are tried to decide is this something that i would like to do what i enjoy learning this am i want it can i really make money doing this that's another question that in in people's minds sharon to those workshops how hard isn't to learn how to do it and how difficult is a it why is it really is a really what matt chris says i mean that it only takes forty five minutes to an hour of my time and i could actually make money i could make a living doing that and so you know you need information about it and i recommend people anybody that are is interested in going into the financial markets first and foremost you've got to have some education by ed you know there are different places you can get education is not just online trading academy i think we're the best ones but you know i started off by reading a couple of books that are sixty three thousand 24 bushrod amazon last time i looked at uri the quite they had the secrets lost the silver bullet for success in trading the financial markets but it is my experience that you're better off going into an excellent lowly for people that know how to do it right because it is complex and the fight hiv there is a light which to the markets and their software that you need to learn how to navigate and that there's a arsenal of a tools that that you need to learn about you know you'd need understand what an exchangetraded fund is you need to understand what a naked put is or just what to put is or call and you need understand what a stop losses had to go through the mechanics of shorting the market now we go through a lot of the stuff that you need to know how to put it.

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