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I didn't know in so much love for him on my on my social derive. Like, you can't. Yeah. I can't believe I missed out on knowing this person while he was here. You can you could not know was in if you wanted to if you didn't before or hit now. Yeah. No. There was no way to get around it. So this week in a hot tops Mighty Morphin Power bottoms. The best kind of bottoms, you know, you just just charge up wherever you are getting formations more Fontana. That's what morphine time is. Honestly, just getting information literally what they do. Can't really stay in her ass whooping colleagues. She did. And she used to get on my fucking nerve. Here's Trini RIP kick. And all the even though they put her in that way. All that. Hole in her own fuck that was so for shoe calling for the Nega who was once upon a time was being all y'all asses with to the two faced that God gave him Rita who. I don't remember. How was anyways this week? First of all forgive me for anything. I may miss misconstrue whatever I'm going to dedicate one day an in box for the listener suggests send us emails to correct us on things. Go wrong. You don't have to. There's no need for dedicate in bucks. I'm gonna do that. There's about thirty emails ahead telling us what peak LIZA. I don't think we need a separate Email address. There's everything get wrong. It was not anything action. Sorry, my bad. I was really sitting up here too. And being for Miami. I still didn't have never heard of that my life. I mean me either, but you're spicy relish. Sounds good. You'll be good on like a fish. Maybe like a fried this. Maybe. On like, a Haitian coleslaw. I mean, that's how scribe but just like not nasty nasty is discussing take out the nets depart right and make a good which is. Which is. Like. But then. Just gonna. This is what heat cover Lord have mercy. So a lot is. I just I don't I. I've been playing my game been playing the game waited forever for a hit midnight. Got a few hours of it in woke up the very next day. I'm reading that jesse's been attacked by MAC. Oh my God. I wanted to say in the. Between that men Tabitha from batgirls club released this record to Torey lanes. Apparently, he they were fucking and a fee through the socks. Saks into got pepper sprayed protesting freezing. In may, Chester. Cheater guy. He drafted this record Twenty-one savages British. I don't know what Tabitha's dreamed. Oh, yeah. That's name. Well, I had to look that up late. Okay. All right. Sorry. Yes. A lot has happened. And I also don't know the details to most of those stories you just laid out a logged on every now and then in between eating snag taking link outside and prompted log back off there's a piece all right in remaining off the app. So yes, there absolutely is not even just off line because there's plenty that can happen online without engaging with y'all and y'all shenanigans. Yeah. And there is just there is a there is a distinct piece in it. And I want you ought to get in. So yeah, there's a lot more to the internet than social media. Yeah. I really don't know the details to a lot of this either. We don't get together. All right. Let's start with this. This is news that no body saw coming. Is it huge? Okay. K Weicker Kardashian offset are apparently working on whatever they're they're they're they're married. Cardi being offset or working on their marriage. Alkalies told people magazine they're taking being slow. She said we have a baby right now. That's like are real big focus a hang out with him. I talked him every day. We do our thing. It's just like to make things perfect takes time. You know, fucking and hanging out doesn't mean that you guys are on like a perfect not takes. So she clarified that they are. In fact, fuck we knew don't think you'll ever stop fucking fucking probably came back into the fold before hanging out. I really feel strongly that fucking never really left the fold not really might have been a pas on a weekend off does not a break can constitute it just does not feel like eight days. I mean, maybe, but I do like, I guess because you know, this is her husband, and she has this newborn. She does wanna work on it from the outside looking in..

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