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He missed the January 6th rally because of car trouble He was one of the first people charged in relation to the capital ride after his mother Reported concerning text to the FBI This guy is just really how many levels of loser in this story already Okay They found him in a hotel one mile from the capitol with thousands of rounds of ammunition a handgun in the salt rifle stash in his trailer He the judge said let the record be crystal clear It is not patriotism It's not justified to descend on the capitol at the behest of a candidate who lost an election and terrorize others That is the definition of tyranny canceling the votes of others at the point of a gun is the antithesis of what this country stands for He apparently texted a friend one day after the riot said he was thinking of attending an event with Pelosi and putting a bullet in her noggin on live TV He apologized friendly so I'm not sure why they didn't just let him go He said sorry if he scared Nancy Pelosi in any way What did she mean I mean are you kidding me I mean they seem to think from the top of the insurrection to the bottom that there takes you backseat Right Like Mark Reynolds can be like oh did I say all these documents weren't privileged and all these things I said in my book on Fox News No no no they're privileged now I take you back Oops Yeah What's the proof wrong 'cause so far we have it The reality is I had to read articles about Travis Barker being responsible for people going crazy to concert But Trump isn't Yeah I'm trying to understand the world I live in where Kyle rittenhouse is exonerated Yeah Yeah And this guy is going to jail for a threat that we're absolutely he should be in jail for but this kid got freed So it doesn't surprise me that people are going to keep doing this stuff We keep telling them it's okay Yeah Yep Matt in Chicago you're on with Friends a little real quick Hey Matt Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys do all your truly It really makes my life better I'm sorry to hear about your rat problem I always think rep apocalypse is done in the house The addicts are different They're all just radicals going on in the end Unless in the attic Unless it had babies And then finally just for an end of the year one hey Angela what is the cheapest cut of meat What is the cheapest cut of meat Gear balls they're under a buck.

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