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Yeah they did. They did end for strong. As Justice League was throughout the entire new fifty two kind of and week. I'm with dark side. War some things they did cut. That did come out of dark side. War Three jokers. Hopefully once we finally get that It'll be worth it. The whole a Braille storyline and the death and rebirth of dark side which had had stuff in wonder woman. Rebirth as well as into the new Justice League Odyssey which I've enjoyed mostly justice league got us. It was a little different than what they had anticipate. Or what they described when they gave birth to three new Justice League titles the Justice League Justice League dark and just League Odyssey. They were like yeah. Dark side is going to be a part of the Justice League. I was like oh well. That's like I don't know what to expect from that and thankfully it wasn't what thankfully it's not that like dark. Side is not a part of the Justice League the next time. I thought this our role I did this at dockside in. Doc's house all the next time they got to bring an aura and yeah you feel like he's too important dockside new genesis verse apocalypse type. Let's bring in that. I mean I'll be happy if they just did a fourth world type movie like do that'd be how dark side came to be dark side. I mean one thing that I did like that. They did in the new fifty. Two's when they did the villains month and all the villains KINDA got one shot most kind of origin stories but there were all these one shots and I really enjoyed the post tied one is really good and I think they can change. Stocks saw though in that which threw me a bit his origin. I mean he's in very different to what it was before so one thing that they don't talk about in this film with dark side and they don't they don't get the fourth worth is. That dark side exists outside. The multi-diverse yes. Well that's that's the weird thing that I feel like lot of people riding saw dart quite like an injustice like dockside war. I feel like didn't really make sense with the fought across the stuff that they set up. Dachshund was if you remember dark side was going Earth Earth Killing Superman. I don't remember what book is. But there's a book of dark sides town the bodies of a bunch of Superman and then when he got to the Earth a new fifty two when he went to kill. Superman is win. The Justice League was formed stopped him because the whole Earth to book it starts right after or like the first couple of issues of earth two was Batman. Superman wonder woman being killed. I mean that was fast issue. Yeah by dark in that campaign. And that's what threw me. When I went back later and read the Batman Superman team up title was that was all earth to before dark side. Came or something like that. I'm trying to remember. It's been all of them but yeah I was that it was that trickster God from from apocalypse that dark side us to go to these different universes these different Parallel earths and kill the superman. There I'm trying to remember if it was it was his defeat on like Earth. Prime Earth One That spurned him and want and made him go to these other earth and kill Superman.

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