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I'm a child do the same for tom although i think it's somewhat of us as a possible softball ready tommy ono so girls you i'd your smarter than i so you cannot answer although i suspect it might be a cell phones for you because we're going to be tom is we'll house so forgive me tommy but it's a term of action okay yep so i lifted three first of all everyone can chime in on this the the greatest athlete of all time is coming out of v wake forest university is tim duncan can we agree on that i mean dish smith is up there but go ahead yep he might where the cats lawn verse tim duncan but if we're talking about best ever an athlete in terms of what they accomplished with dark has got the so he's alive as you know tom he would also be number one on the duke lists as well if we were including two players am i right criminal why yes when i was shooting not at sorry not to digress but when i was a oneman band reporter north carolina smith fell on me and like literally sat on my head and the camera yes notice he's a little pain best anyways yeah okay so with mr dunkin' ties tom i it's a multi level question the first one at the very idea how many total medals he has one in international competition new states can you tell me his first ever gold medal and who we played for that in that competition.

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