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Our plan Jeeves to critical goals. I it stops illegal, immigration and fully secures the border and second establishes, a new legal immigration system that protects American wages. Promotes American values and attracts the best and brightest from all around the world. The president yesterday. Failing his immigration policy during a rose garden speech on new technology. He says, we'll help border agents screen everything coming across the border. He's calling for the funding border wall continuing that funding as well as sweeping changes to the asylum system. And the visa lottery programme visa lottery program is something I think we should scrap. I it's, it's an idiotic way of the Trone whether or not you want somebody to come into your country. You say, well, gee, we'll have a lottery of. A unit a country. Where are we're going allow two hundred people from your country to come into our country. We don't we're not going to choose which two hundred we're gonna have a lottery and just kind of, you know, toss it up in the air and what the heck if you're in a Central American country, and we have to choose fifteen or twenty members of MS thirteen as part of that two hundred back mounts lottery. It's all fair. Idiocy but it's fair. The president, by the way, said that with the amount of stuff that is coming through the border right now. If we don't take care of this issue. We are headed for some real problems. We scan only a small fraction of the vehicles goods, and all of the other things coming across including people, and sadly, the drugs poor across our border..

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