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But uh lucas duda now uh uh i i like you'll me you're great seamer it it's already written so let's fun but both all right i don't think about that just happens when it happens and sometimes as good sometimes to this and so i'm glad that it's been um a beneficial part of what i do whatever decide to why i've got to know if it's already written give us a little sneak preview what would a duda homerun sound light from john sterling if he was a member of the uh i think i'll declined delay yankees get him i think i'm doing the right thing oh john we don't want to take up any more your time we do appreciate it and we'll talk to rule soon i thank you gentlemen da those john sterling would you think obviously the voice of the yankees great voice dod had got his whole run calls i i'm not a never bid biggest fan of a but i'll tell you what though what it is you do you hear his passion for the yankees you here's passion for baseball and he loves doing it and i can never say i i can ever hate on that because i i love that i love when a home or hometown radiocor tv call is hometown manage should be it should be like that be bonilla when you when you're doing an aol cs or allstar game or something or when you're doing a national telecasts but be your home or when your home or now and i love it i mean i think everybody likes to hometown call except for me because keith hernandez is on the mets you know broadcasting team so gina other than that hey i want to talk a little bit more about the yankees who've o obviously we talked about girardi in them not resigning him you know i look at this yankee team in a how it came about going to the world series and there was a whole lot.

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