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That's why we're talking about it. Weekday mornings from 5 to 9, Larry, I'm just so glad you're putting a spotlight on this on WMD yell. Hi, this is Paul MacDonald, owner of almost home senior care. By now, you've heard that we specialize in group homes with high level of care for seniors were not assisted living, and we're not nursing homes. We are real homes with real caregivers with an amazing caregiver to resident ratio, and I'm proud to announce we're about to open a new location with a one time never to be repeated pre grand opening offer. If your loved one is currently in a big box facility and requires 24 7 private duty care on top of the standard care provided I haven't astounding offer for you. The 1st 20 qualifying new residents. I will guarantee up to an astonishing $100,000 annualized savings over the first year compared to what you're paying now. Conditions obviously apply. Call my team today. Almost home senior care 703 call home The best care I know of. And a great price called 703 Call home Save money. Better care. 703 Call home brokered by XP Realty. Hey, everybody. It's Brian Wilson at the hybrid agent where we offer a five star full service listing for a flat fee of $500 up front and just half percent Commission of closing in real estate rates matter And to lower the rate, the better think about it. Would you get a 6% mortgage when you could get one for 3%? Of course not. So why pay more in real estate? Commission's check us out at the hybrid agent dot com. Real simple real savings real results. That's the hybrid agent dot com. Stand on, it can be high. We love our pets, But the dog days of summer bring pet stains, dirt, grime allergens they get deep into your rug. That's why Joe has developed an anti bacterial treatment that attacks tough pet.

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