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Hello everyone and welcome to food. Safety matters the podcast for food safety professionals. I'm stacey atchison publisher foodsafety magazine. And i'm here with my co host. Barbara van retro hem editorial director of the magazine and joining us today for an update on our food safety. Insights column is bob ferguson of strategic consulting. So good morning team. Moore's daisy morning more morning on morning unless you're listening at nine greed greed greed house. That's good so in today's episode can say if it's morning i missed a day i probably did anyway. Sorry go ahead okay. So today's episode. You're going to hear. Barbara's discussion with phil calf. Iraq's president of the specialty food association. So you know just. Hearing specialty food association brings up fond memories of attending those fancy food. Shows a anybody who's been to those knows what i'm talking about so i better shake that one off because i'm getting hungry. The back to business phil has a deep background. In the food industry spanning association leadership as well as positions at multinational food companies fills experience lends itself to a wide range of topics. And he and barbara get into some areas that we haven't before like the impacts of political uncertainty on our supply chains as well as it of course bismah imports and more so definitely stay tuned for that so as it is with all things. It is with food safety as well or so. We hope no news is good news because we looked we looked we looked and we looked to find some important stories that we bring you this week and that was weird looking over the last two weeks and i'm sorry to say or happy to report. We got nothing so the few things that caught our attention were updates. One is that fda continues to release materials and resources from the three public meetings that they had at the end of twenty twenty Around the proposed rule requirements for additional traceability records for certain foods. I don't some some of the foods some of the time right We'll put a link in the show notes to make that easy for you to find if you're interested. We also noted that fda's core response teams continue to update the new outbreak investigation table. This is still a new tool and it's interesting to get and stay familiar with so we'll put a link in shown us to that as well all right. I guess all this leaves me some time to mention that we here at foodsafety magazine in partnership with loan jespersen of cultivate food safety and three m global food safety have opened registration on the second of our five part series examining how regional implications of where your company's located impact your company's food safety culture in the second. We will be covering australia. And this webinar will be broadcast. Live on march twenty third. You can register for free by visiting the web page on our new website. Food dash safety dot com. And even if you're not able to attend the live broadcast they will all be available on demand and if you listening to this episode when it first airs you there's still time for you to register for the first in our series which covers europe that will air live on february twenty fifth. So you can still register for that registrations going very well. It's being very well received so we're pretty excited really through the roof. These numbers that gets big. Woo pretty great. I thought it was woo worthy of saying stacey you said that's long jespersen right it is loan jespersen who you know. I wish you could also see my my earnest face of just smiling and nodding about loans. She's just so awesome. And so we're just so pleased to be working with her on this series so yeah you may come up in the podcast again. I'm just saying she just might come up very quickly here. Actually because now. It's time for our food safety insights partner bob ferguson president of strategic consulting to give us his overview the latest food safety insights article from our feb march issue entitled twenty twenty one. What changes of the past year are likely to stick now in print. There's a subject so you know when something he has to titles. You know it's good right. Twenty twenty one and beyond experts weigh in. Well it's it's good enough to have two titles. I'll say that it was a lot of fun to work on all the food. Safety insights are fun to work on. And i hope they're interesting to the readers as well but this month's insights was particularly fun for me because it was a somewhat a different format as well coming off the changes and disruptions that we saw covid we wanted to get some more expert opinions. About what the recovery might look like and what changes we've seen. That might be permanent. And which ones may be more fleeting which ones might go away so what we did this time as we wanted to find some expert opinions. So where do you go for expert. Opinions on food safety so that turns out food. Safety magazine is a pretty good source of all places. I know who would. And we have a very good pool of experts in the form of our own editorial advisory board so we went there so we could go right. To the civil. I handle little thing we've got. We've got her. That's right and so we convened a virtual roundtable has to be virtual just to go with the theme of everything. If it's twenty. Twenty one is virtual and i had the privilege of interviewing our team of industry experts that included wendy white industry manager for food and beverage safety project. That georgia tech's enterprise enterprise innovation institute. Craig henry food safety consultant at intro inc. This woman loan jespersen. I think i've heard of before aforementioned jespersen from cultivate food safety. Steve mander knock executive director at the association of food and drug officials. Stow and we'll daniels president of the produce division of eh laboratories and. I'm gonna take a little plug here and it turns out that. I'm also on the editorial advisory board and i might slip an answer to a question in the article at some point. Not too many answers. Don't have that many answers. But i tried to answer. Yeah that's like the shoemaker's family like we're so familiar bob like oh gosh. I guess we should put bob on the board. If anybody deserves that we finally remembered who of course there are really really interesting group and with with a great view of food safety in a lot of different areas so it was a it.

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