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Authorities are investigating an 18 wheeler that was allegedly filled with illegal immigrants that was discovered on the city's east side. San Antonio Police Sergeant Jesse Salameh said the truck was pulled over at the Flying J Travel Center on a tenant foster road last night Passer by Call the police after noticing some suspicious activity, maybe some people in the back of the big rig when officers approached the truck around 80 to 100 illegal immigrants inside started fleeing, officials say 29 of the immigrant state of the gas station and are being taken to a federal processing center. One was hospitalized for dehydration. The 49 year old driver is in police custody. Well, there's a rush by Democrats to pass immigration reform. Congressman Joaquin Castro of Texas says everything is in place, with Democrats holding power in the White House, the U. S House and the U. S Senate. But that window for immigration reform is closing quickly, he says. With the 2022 interim elections looming large, there's got to be a lot of momentum and a big push to get immigration reform done. This year. There are currently for immigration bills that have been filed, including ones targeting the so called dreamers, farm workers and frontline workers. I'm Beth Myers NEWS Radio 1200 W AWAY, I vice President Kamila Harris will meet virtually today with Mexican President undress Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss the surge of migrants at the southern border. It took the Texas House till three o'clock this morning to hammer out election integrity legislation on second reading. State. Rep. Briscoe Cane sponsored Senate Bill seven, which will limit polling places, voting hours and further define the role of poll watchers. I found this build up, you.

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