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Is it true that it's always big at Carolina? Beach. My some of my friends at served there would say, so yeah, you know I. It could be I. I can't answer that with one hundred percent certainty There are certain sandbars that are. I mean, it's GonNa. It's GonNa vary because it may be like right now I don't think any bar is really that good we'll beach but I don't. I don't serve. Very, much unless I'm invited or just you know some friends or going down together but you know it it could certainly be better down there. I I'm not really certain and in those guys probably be bummed if I tell. You. It's really good downtown. Actually, it is frigging off. And is always bingerner. I would think I was gonna live a rightful beat. You need to drop down here these. People could say the same thing about cops was the three beaches are are facing different directions. Yeah. Interfacing different angles to the ocean. So if you have a you know. You can put that in your prediction. If you're going to have more variable swell, it may be better at Carolina beach or GAM more northerly slow it's going to be better at topsoil. Yeah. It just end in rice will be in between the two. So it's a hard hard call on on any of that. The best thing getting your car and go. Yeah. Well. Yeah. Complete amateur and in basically everything I do in life. My mind is thinking that. That south facing Beach Brunswick county beaches. would be better all the time because we typically are getting. South southwest winds here will not necessarily like what holden beads. When we have like a big swell that too big maybe even at rightful in hold and beaches got this. I guess some kind of protective while the scholes. Thirty five miles in a south easterly direction If you have a an east or north swell, you're not gonNA get anything it's going to cost it up I'm not sure I forgot about the same time to get a Soli swell. Then it all funnels down the scholes holes in onto those beaches. So we've driven down to holden the number of times and well, we were talking about it was. It a long time ago. Yeah..

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