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Day, right? We're all fast, you that's why we get along. That's why we're gonna love, but you have to go out on Tuesday and vote a number of migrants and wrote to the US from Central America. Meanwhile are suing the president and some of the administration twelve migrants. Six adults and six children are the plaintiffs. The president homeland security secretary Kirstin Nielsen US customs border, protection, and others are named as defendants. The migrants are suing over Trump's plan to sign an executive order next week that would automatically deny asylum to the migrants who tried to cross into the US illegal under this plan. The illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into our country by lodging meritless claims lawsuit claims this is a violation of the fifth amendment right to due process. Jim Roope, Los Ange on major revelation in the mysterious deaths of two Saudi sisters from Fairfax county whose bodies were found duct tape together in the Hudson river PD believes taller and Rotana Faria file for Silom and sources tell the department the girl said. They would rather inflec- Harmon themselves. You commit suicide then returned to Saudi Arabia, and my PD cheap detective Dermott shea everything that we've seen thus far is pointing to other than a crime taking place. Shea says a man told his department he saw two girls apparently praying in a playground near the Hudson river in New York City the day. The bodies of the sisters were found Heather Curtis. Sound WMA? Allen WMA L dot com. Accused of sending explosive devices through the mail back in a courtroom in Florida today, at least four of the apparent explosive devices sent the prominent Democrats and critics of President Trump were addressed to people in New York and its suburbs. Now the man accused of sending those devices is coming to New York. A federal judge in Florida approved the defense request to make the case for release on bond here in New York. It's not clear when Caesar say will be transferred. In the meantime, he remains in federal custody. Prosecutors argue that the fifty six year old is a flight risk, and he poses a danger to the public. He faces five criminal counts, including sending explosives through the mail and making a threat against the former president Steve Kastenbaum, New York. Checking your money. The Dow finished the day down one hundred ten points, the s&p five hundred down seventeen the NASDAQ down seventy seven w mail. Sports brought to you by Bob Evans, refrigerated sides. The wizards host the thunder at eight double drama, L, traffic and weather next.

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