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All day back supported by climate power. It's time to do would. America does best build. America has an opportunity to rebuild the economy fight climate change and create millions of jobs in the fastest growing industry in the country. Clean energy but congress must grab this moment before it slips away. American workers are ready. now congress. it's up to you. Let's keep up the fight for a clean energy future. Now is the time to act. This is sue. Craig investigative reporter for the new york times. People keep secrets we all do. But it gets tricky. When it's a person with significant power and the secret is big say a conflict of interest government corruption or covering up abuse when it comes to violations of the public trust unethical or illegal activity. People's lives are affected. We believe you deserve to know but people with a lot of power also have the means to make sure their secrets stay hidden so you need organizations like the new york times to say. Let's investigate this. Let's put resources behind uncovering the truth. And that's what i do. It's a twenty four seven commitment and it means that sometimes. I can't publish until i spent months or even years following every lead and checking every fact all those resources there are available to us because of new york times subscribers. If you'd like to support this kind of work you can subscribe at ny times dot com slash subscribe sushi. And you said that for andrew cuomo to ever leave office. He would need a shove from albany translate that. What exactly does that mean. We'll look joe. Biden can put incredible political pressure on andrew cuomo. But what he can't do is actually remove him from public office Andrew cuomo either has to do that himself by resigning or the state legislature in albany can do it for him through an impeachment process and in albany. The impeachment process starts in the state assembly. Just as it starts in the house in dc by entering in our last conversation we talked about the relationship between governor cuomo and state. Legislators in albany and my recollection is that it is not very good. Not very good is an understatement. There are few lawmakers with a real close relationship to andrew. Cuomo most have been at the receiving end of his bullying in vindictive behaviors. They've described it and that even when there are successes even when he signs their bill he takes credit for them and leaves them behind and so on tuesday afternoon. After this report came out the assembly got together for an emergency phone. Call to figure out what to do next in on that call. There wasn't a single lawmaker. Who voiced their support for andrew cuomo according to multiple people i talked to it just wasn't there and while he has a bad relationship overall with lawmakers he does have some pockets of support in there have been some groups of lawmakers who had said. Let's wait until we have the results of investigation who had joined the stampede calling for his resignation this spring but even those lawmakers didn't speak on his behalf on that phone call and in the hours since a number of them have issued statements. Saying it's time for him to step aside and the most important voice among these assembly. Democrats is their leader. A- lawmaker him. Carl hasty who'd been among the people giving cuomo time saying let's wait until the results of this investigation came in and then late on tuesday. He issued a statement and he didn't pass his own judgment on andrew cuomo but he said that the governor had lost the confidence of the assembly democrats and that quote he can no longer remain in office. Any promised to quickly begin the process of impeachment. So the lawmaker. Who would be in charge of an impeachment process that could result in andrew. Cuomo being removed from office is now putting out a statement saying it's time for him to leave office. Which would seem to imply a threat. Leave or you'll be impeached. And there's a lot of focus on this statement in even the adverbs. The carl hasty uses. He says that they will move expeditiously and quickly. And there's a real question of what does that mean. Are we talking days or weeks or months. And the broad sense it. The assembly will still take a few weeks at a minimum to wrap up their investigation into the allegations against cuomo so it's increasingly looking like impeachment may happen to andrew cuomo absolutely right because i guess the question at this point is what would prevent a new york state. Democratic lawmaker from voting to oust andrew cuomo their president has called for their congressional colleagues in washington have called for their leaders within the legislature. Have signaled that it should happen. So what would keep one of these lawmakers from alliston cuomo. Would it be because of his name his family's legacy would it be because of his reputation for retaliation or what you know i. I wouldn't underestimate the rare -ness of members of a party ousting a chief executive of their own party and so the idea that democrats alone would provide all of the votes to remove a democratic governor. Who by only a few months ago was overwhelmingly popular. Who still has millions of dollars in the bank to bankroll's on political future and who is shown history vindictiveness while they may not like him and they might be prepared. It doesn't make it an easy vote. Take right it's one thing to threaten it. It's another thing to actually cast that. Vote to impeach a leader of your party. it's one of the most severe votes lawmakers overtake. I'm curious shane. How these lawmakers and how cuomo are thinking about the voters. because i'm remembering our first conversation about cuomo's belief that the voters were going to be his lifeline. That regular new yorkers weren't ready for him to leave office. Do you think that these lawmakers are thinking about that and are they worried that their appetite for impeachment might not be aligned with the views of new yorkers. Wasn't it safe to say. The democratic politicians right now in new york have a greater tight for.

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