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Incredible writer director brad bird and the actresses tessa thompson shaleen woodley we also talk about the key ingredients to a summer blockbuster with screenwriter zak penn and that's what we're gonna play now recalled backup because he's sort of a connoisseur of the art form having written on a couple of x men movies the avengers and the incredible hulk his most recent film was steven spielberg's ready player one and he told jenin me how the blockbuster has changed in recent years i would say that it used to be a certain level of spectacle a certain level of can you cut a trailer that people will cheer for in a movie theater for example when i you know the first script i wrote professionally i mean and i wasn't a professional with my writing partner was last action hero and we definitely wrote it as a summer blockbuster and back then it had to have a star in it so ours is arnold schwarzenegger and a high concept idea getting sucked into a movie and it had a heavy wishful film component and all of those things seemed essential experience and zach you recently on ready player one worked with steven spielberg spielberg is the guy responsible for the modern blockbuster as we know it.

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