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You know there's gotta be a happy balance between you know taking care of your guys and making sure they feel like they're important and handing out here you showed up and you got yourself self dressed in the morning and so we're going to give you a trophy. Breathe on this mirror together as one I continuing to serve always this the Brotherhood Academy Radio Taught. Hey Everyone Rusty Ricker New England fools letting you know about some of our upcoming events for twenty twenty twenty February ninth Sunday. Fourteen hundred hours the west Kennebunk- fire station. We have our tactical tutelage tour Portsmouth fire medic. Tim Griswald March weekend. A six to the eighth at the village by the sea in Wells Maine. We have our annual winter conference the northeastern fire summit some of the best instructors. We've had yet right here in your backyard. Also on TAP. We have our annual firebomb photo night coming in the twenty eighth March and Georgetown Mass and bring it back spring training hands on event. It'd be up I've been thompson main the weekend of April third to the fifth for some northeast. Truckin hands on you can check us out on facebook. Instagram or twitter at New England fools or go to our website and e fools dot org. So I'm fired up always fired up. I have a couple of things add because I'm a Ted this discussion that we're getting ready to have because I when are we going going. We're going we're going. We ready fired. Add up so a little disillusion with the way things are right now. Yeah and it's not just us it's everywhere consider it's everywhere and I think we need to talk about it N. B. Blunt about it but so this is the Brotherhood Academy Radio PODCAST. I am Nick Hilton. And I'm here with Paul Ballantyne and the Camel L. and we're GonNa we do a pretty good. I think I hope. I hope we are nice powerful episode. Because I think we're due for powerful in your face blunt episode but let's start off with the announcements as always the AF down to fight five volunteer firefighters podcast out of Canada. These guys are great guys except for today and and yesterday because.

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