Yankees, David Robertson, Lucas Jay Leno discussed on Channel 33 - The NBA Fans Guide to the World Series (Ep. 370)


Theo epstein the golden boy himself took over and in the first few years of the epstein regime the cubs went sixty one and one ah one sixty 696 73 meeting those are bad performance is not quite astros ask but it's really glose their first round picks in the early years of the obscene tenure included players like kyle schmerber and chris bryant chris bryant won the nl mvp last year that's a big deal it's such a big deal on it so clearly affected that it is undeniably spreading the team that has really be com astros cobs 20 i think the chicago white sox jason i talked about this a bit on binge mode live ambient lose because it's kind of fun it's kinda cool the white sox fuel light the sixers right now they lost ninety five games this season and it is not a coincidence that that lost total comes on the heels of trades such as chris sale for yawn mocatta the best prospect in baseball at the time of that deal and michael kopach who like if you think no cinder guard throws hard will michal kovac also just google him anyway because he is extremely handsome adam mean for lucas jay leno formerly the top pitching prospect and baseball when they doubt jose achon tana to the cubs a team that of course was familiar with the strategy he got you like jimenez in return one of the cubs best hitting prospects when these shipped even lesser players like todd frazier and david robertson time can lead to the yankees they got league rutherford who's one of the yankees top alfeel prospects.

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