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The best evidence relating to joe womack though was developed know that we were going to use at the retrial was that william actually filed a lawsuit against the state of ohio in through the lawsuit issued his owned written discovery including request to admit in which he got the state of ohio that he answer them which is a feet allen of itself and the state of ohio yo agreed in these requests to admit that william virgil had never been in a cell with joe awoke act um because the cells were single cells to present iraq uh and so was really incredible work by somebody who had told legal experience now is without representation in those types of the answers i think corroborated the evidence so he is actually a developed relating to joe we'll talk about the evidence in a minute but first more about this lawsuit because this is a big deal it's in impressive move for an inmate to pull off anything quite like this here's me talking about it with virgil and slow saw a member were known remigio anato did it they their locked me up in the segregation sale and i'll father 1983 al's lots of little will play to call donna announces lantern be awhile saturday watch the negeri and it and it added the idea of of taking at role to try to get that information you know what's he started getting those low blows where there's this stuff this come to you you know you read all kind of angle so out a filed a lawsuit against uh lebanon correctional an award for the same thing i 5 against the jail for deny me uh.

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