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Moving forward with it. Take a look at what we've got so far durant. Lebron we'll be the captain's you're the starter and here's adam silver on the league. Having the game this year in lastly say things like no decisions during this pin yummy come without uncertainty and come without risk and this is yet another one of them. But it's my job to balance those interests and ultimately it feels like the right thing to do to go forward. Of course he said that to. Rachel nichols on the jump celebrating. Their fifth anniversary. Congrats to them sarahspain. How did you hear the commissioner there what he went on to say that at every moment throughout the pandemic he has been questioned whether it was. We play in a bubble. Should we play a regular season and now the all star game. I think it's a good argument for him. To present as he continues to try to defend something that everybody else seems to think is superfluous and dangerous having it but if the argument is we've been questioned and doubted before and we've managed to pull it off. Then i hope that all the protocols and care that they're taking into having this game we'll prove them right in this case and so we can't say i told you so. And they managed to emerge having put on a good show give. Blog is still when you hear the commissioner. Say that this is for the fans and there's no fans there really a small portion of fans. What do you say yes so. It's not for the fans. It's just doing it because this is what you've always done. If he's saying they've taken done things to mitigate risk well one thing to mitigate the risk of this weekend and having people travel in is just not to have the game. And i don't think anybody would miss it and certainly you have a number of players around the league who have been scratching their heads and saying you know. Why are we being while we being forced to do this. We don't want really do it. But yet the commissioners decided for one day. We're going to h how you hear sober. I think realistically we all knew there was no way. This game wasn't going to happen unless the players just said we're not doing it but my issue with what silver said is on top of that china sort of insults our intelligence about what's actually happening atlanta is a hot spot that has been partying crazy the jurisdiction of the nba telling people waiting to come and go is not even really the point as most of actually already happening to which this increases the potential risk. That's what i think this is. He's acting as if there's some other thing. The nba is not existing outside of the places actually occurring and. That's where my issue is with this. It's just wasn't smart and didn't need to happen. And i don't understand why you have to convince us that it should kelshaw. You know when you say it's not for the fans okay. It's not for the eighteen thousand fans who normally normally be in the arena but for the five or six million fans who are sitting at home on a saturday night. I can watch the all star game in the three point contest dunk contest all rolled into one. And there's not it's not about the excessive partying and things that we normally associate the all star game with. It's just the game in the events. I don't really have any problem with it. So it's a fan vote. it's a player. Vote and its immediate boat. So do the fan player media. Get the starters. Right kevin blackstone. I'm fine with it. I mean look the bottom line is when you have an all star game is because it really happened. If there's not an argument about who got left off. Who's in who's gonna start. Who doesn't that's the buyers. And you got an argument. I would have liked to damian lillard as a starter in this game for what he's done. I think that's the only see lillard will make the team look got off to a bad start but he but he's been great lately.

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