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Welcome to foundations. Friday number thirty four embrace the concept of good by jaakko willink in this concept that i'm talking about comes from an episode speech If you will concept mindset from dhaka owen were. He expresses bad things happen. You don't get the job and you think you so good and then insert opportunity. They are now. It's it's hard to think about that. But for me years ago and i mentioned this year i was inspired. By friend of mine listened to jaakko he was the catalyst to get off my butt. Stop eating as much like crap still enjoy snacks every now and then or a lot but exercise every day put more into your life and your job in your family to get out of a job that absolutely did not like And just make that change right and you hear that to embrace your own darkness that you've been exposed to and no certainly over the past couple of years. Now we've all been fed up and frustrated and tired. And i think it's pretty timely. Go to google typed. Goodbye jaakko willink and watch the video whether you've lost a job. You're getting back into the workforce. 'cause you lost your unemployment benefits this new vaccine mandate you've had loved ones get sick work whatever. Good there's opportunity. There is opportunity. Remember the ones we lost. There's opportunity to think about new professional. Pathways we wanna go down. There's opportunity to think about New ways to exercise. I'm gonna read part of that. Good transcript That got just give you a sense. And that i really would like you ought to go listen to it because i think as i mentioned all of us have contributed in some way. I'd like to thank or at least lot of us to this country that contributed to labor day that a spoke cover this week that celebrated with the short week but all of us are facing a lot of stuff. But we're not alone in if we embrace this concept of good in it's hard to do sometimes in the face of horrible times we can. We can except maybe okay good. And then that's going to be just one. Small part of this mission got cancelled good. We can focus on another one. Didn't get the new high-speed gear. We wanted good. We can keep it. Simple didn't get promoted. Good more time to get better. Didn't get funded good. We own more of the company didn't get the job you wanted. Good go out gain more experience and build a better resume got injured. Good needed a break from training got tapped out good. It's better to tap out in training. Tap out on the street got beat good. We learned unexpected problems. Good we have to figure out solutions. That last one i think is particularly pertinent to all the public safety responders incident management folks in whatever field in project and program and product managers people that plan things and do processes all that stuff. There are gonna be unexpected problems regardless of what anybody expects us to be. Have the perfect plan in the perfect outcome. And nothing's going to go wrong. They won't have to change what they do. Well that's all nonsense. Good let's figure out new solutions to do better to be more efficient to be better teammates to be better leaders to be better individuals. Start it with effort in the morning. Some exercise fresh air and then get into your day. I think you forgetting into your day bit with me on this podcast over. Twenty seven thousand people downloaded with the same person. Maybe twenty seven thousand times either way. I'm grateful for it. Grateful for my teammates jitsu this morning really pushing me if you haven't tried to ju jitsu class so now i'm not the only one in podcast land talking about.

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