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And to get an inside story from her on how she interpreted some of those some of those shows and episodes tomorrow Charlotte got you Geller on he's going to be talking about the corona virus and some other things but he was a friend of the late Dr Edgar Mitchell and still tells a remarkable story at how Edgar Mitchell had lost his national tie clasp and he found its when he was dipping into some ice cream like years later he's set UP editors with them and he's having a little bowl of ice cream they feel something something hard you know like what consisted of eighteen other something he spits it out in its Edgar's tie clasp let that kid is credible there are some things that you just can't explain and so there has to be something to it there just has to be something to it absolutely we're taking calls with Cheryl Jones of course conversations with Cheryl let's go to Daniel truck driving in Wisconsin first time caller and Daniel thanks for driving and stay safe my friend use your person go ahead you're on with Cheryl hello actually I have some comments about the golden knights going on all right sure we just recently got shut down a Wisconsin here you know really how it got shut down a one on I the major retailers it's been due to the central business out here stay open he has started all this also we have permission G. relief workers what kind of business as usual there's a lot get back up robin in the you know constraining backwards I do too there's a lot there's a lot of users a lot of the social workers here because there's a lot of people I know that are still working but other companies seem to be spaced out a little bit all all the guidelines and you know I have a history of a jet you artists for the last twenty years really yeah does it hurt I'm always why don't have any tattoos to those that hurt when you do that you know the pain is part of it you know you gotta gotta earn it but you know having done that for so long I have a really good strong foundation you know cross contamination prevention yeah I don't I don't want this anymore but I want to I don't get that all put it all right I want my little ones with three in the world last year in order to separate the truck stops at a guess of a little salty people suffering parts of the car but it is not the same what not but but they always have you know that they always sat out at you know I'm not like I said I want to do this work I don't want to lose I'm not fine but I noticed a lot of people are you know what all right well you you drive carefully my friend be well Cheryl you ever get the flu vaccine I used to George and I was one of those that had a really bad reactions and that was it never again yes and then I had almost had bronchitis couple years ago and ended up with a mock Cicilline because I unfortunately and you know I had that that.

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