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One driver hitting two pedestrians there before fleeing the scene. Police also toe one person into custody for disorderly conduct in it. Anta opposing rallies the day after the ST Wind blew the Georgia secretary of state officially certifying the results for president elect Joe Biden. Crowds alleging election fraud chanting stuff to steal a large police presence separating them from counter protesters seem really showcasing to clear divide in the perception of this general election boxes. Alex Hogan. I'm very core study and this is Fox News. Wcbm Baltimore Person. Two cold fronts This holiday week is passed away on food. That's why the periods rain continue. He showers here and there. It's warm, low upper forties Early showers Monday will come to a man with a caring sky late tempted barely budging. Those eyes only reached the low fifties. What was wins Highest 25 Miles an hour lots sunshine for your Tuesday high near 50 degrees are next system coming away on Wednesday. Showers, especially lately. Highs mid to upper fifties A lingering showers early Thanksgiving morning. I'm Todd Boric, whether Telfer talk radio's 80 Wcbm Broadcasting from the Wcbm safe Retirement Solutions studios called Rod Borowy for 10266 11 20 safe retirement solutions dot com Monday on the Derek Jeter show, We will have the latest information on the battle over voter fraud, the legal fight and the political fight. We'll talk about it all from nine until noon on talk radio. 6 80 wcbm views and opinions. You here on talk radio. 6, 80, wcbm and wcbm calm are not necessarily those of the owners, management, employers and advertisers of wcbm, but they should be Okay? Good evening, everyone. You're in the right place at the right time. This is coast to coast Am blasting out of the Mojave desert like a shar.

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