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Old at the time though i thought is ancient it's christmas eve nineteen seventytwo in ian blackmore's working my name is ian blackmore and i was photographer with the gander beacon after i finished high school and before i went to college and trotta l ins co worker gerald vocal wasn't editor on the same local paper he's going to help tell the story it was christmas eve and her mother was you know getting ready for santa claus journal was home that day in nineteen seventy two his family is getting ready for christmas and he wants to get his daughter out of the house so they decided to go hang out at the local airport as you do as you do when you live in a tiny town in canada airport is the best thing around also this is not a normal airport but we'll get to that soon you never knew airport being up there who might come through it any given time regardless of our the day or night or whatever gerald got to the gander airport and he started asking around i asked the security there you know what was going on and they said fidel castro is here and i said what fidel castro was there in the airport and he was more or less just hanging out dinner with them in the the dining room not surely he had traditional fatigues and combat boots green fatigues no medals or nothing just playing uniform turned out castro had a pretty long layover in gander so at some point he basically says give me a tour of your town he wanted to see to town so ian gerald and fidel castro all pilots and cars and go driving around the little town until they come across a kid sledding there's a young fellow with his dog and probably another friend there and they were taking turns going down on their toboggan.

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