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The oh eyeballs out. Plot of misery is also picture that scene in weird science where they pick up glass and he's under the sixteen candles. That's what it was. He picks up the clear off the beer cans. And you just see yeah So he he he. He pushes finds the window right. Anthony wasn't price on the other side of the glass was kevin crescent and he had been calling nine. One one from inland fisher. Kevin creston is in also friends with tam. Whoever your friend know you still. There was nate casson but they did not help. Michael my will kyle his dad. Jeff these guys stuff from did not help was just western new york named kevin everybody's name is kevin carson had been calling nine one one from inside the buried automobile. For how many hour you gotta drive by the crescents and drop-off Christmas cookies begging. How long four hours. Okay how how many hours do you think i. D invents call eight hours eight hours eleven. Eleven hour okay freaked out. We're going to take a break. We'll come back we're gonna find out what megan's up to it and we'll find out. How many hours kevin crescent was trying to get someone.

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