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Be Craig Lewis by majority decision yellow Craig Lewis just laws Jemaine Franklin to come on a road. Joan Farber you, you, you. You you going today? The bare knuckle boxer or whatever. Hey, now, we've got them in, in the rain, which spuke fury adamant Mansour to live. Tony. Pony. Two small fuck it just went to D all in. Got two five. Yeah. He must have just stood there. Ain't Comey went for December. He just party. That Atta and stood all the way to February got that other fight. He's wherever you're let me tell you go to December is going down and then February's independence day. So he just had to like bird. This is crazy. Sorry you may. Mexico getting records, fluffed up at least Mexicans Joe Mexicans got punch retention. You, you can't knock them Mexican out unless you are big, big puncher, but you go to. Let's go baby. He from Arkansas. Oh my goodness. So you so you can don't in this, this, this, this fluffer e of records and DR that he's doing fifteen and the United States. Refu- here fury points. Decision them Br. We all. Outburst we nobody. Nobody not this heavyweight out. Shit. Nobody told you. Hey. Tony Thompson guy chain of Sony, Fordham back in two thousand five to knock him out, and you're James Toney voted, do, while the may do fucking electric, Bigalow, on a floor survey show Vic, he could knock him out. Monte, BARRET them. I've been in Jimmy Monte. He can knock him out. Wow. But I mean really punch, even amendments orca and knock him out shit. He was James Toney. Yeah. But James Toney two thousand five my man is a heavyweight when he was a fucking middle way. Remember? Then nigga for title, breath it. Don't matter what titles. Full man come from the James Toney beat beat Negga for tighter on deferred. That was I, I, I never even heard of that. Man, that's bullshit. James Toney was a heavyweight anytime you see James Toney as heavyweight member James, Toney's promised one sixty. Laugh at cruiserweight. James don't as a heavyweight was over it again, beat up by shamrock and shit. Scene. You know, who's back in action, and you gotta pay attention to this fight Virgil or tease. He's going to be taking on Oscar. I mean 'Antonio arrow. A scrat-. All right. Virgils on this tier, he's knocking everything out, Robert Ortiz train do hundred forty seven. That's what I'm telling you about at Adamas. He might be over there. And he made just bite down. You know what I mean? Dominicans do better betting groups. So he might be running the mouse, because he's running with Virgil running with Mikey etcetera etcetera, but Virgil tease has crazy. Power thirteen knockouts thirteen fights. He knocked out Herrera devastating fashion and, and I mean Marie show Harare..

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