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And fifty five below zero wind chills and officials didn't want a strand drivers in the coal two thousand flights canceled by the weather. Fox's Jeff monosso live and frigid Kenosha county Wisconsin day with the wind chill it almost fifty below zero. Even bars are open here in Wisconsin warming shelters, people that need us, and we're more than Jane to help people. You know, I wouldn't want it to be me. She works for the gallery bar and grill in Milwaukee wind chills, it might a sixty in Grand Forks, North Dakota, thirty below in Cleveland and thousands are without power without a juice from Fargo. Jim Indianapolis to Chicago. We're Amtrak trains are parked planes are grounded and schools are closed through tomorrow. David brutal cold blamed that at least six deaths throughout the region. Jeff, President Trump is tweeted perhaps US intelligence should go back to school the day after director of national intelligence. Dan Coats, told a Senate hearing ISIS is still a big threat. The president wrote we've made tremendous progress. Goats also said North Korea won't give up nuclear weapons, the president countered. There's a decent chance of denuclearization. And he also took issue with the Iran assessment. Fox's John decker live at the White House. President Trump hitting back at his own intelligence chiefs and their assessment on Iran, tweeting the intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong. He continued be careful of Iran, perhaps Intel. Agence should go back to school during congressional testimony yesterday. Top intelligence officials said the Iran was not trying to build a nuclear weapon and was in compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement, President Trump last year withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal. Dave, John and a few hours bipartisan group on Capitol Hill will start negotiations on the board of the president tweeted a veto discuss a waltz wasted time. But democratic Senator Bob Casey says we need new technology. We need to inspect every vehicle come in. And this is Fox News. A second ethics complaint is filed against state rep David stringer. I'm Greg Paul Hannah's..

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