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A couple of weeks gold solidify game a guess to charges but you know if he could come up with a couple of turnovers maybe a couple of tackle for losses let's just say he makes a player to own special teams that he puts a lot of pressure on them to say man i don't know if we can expose another player that you talk about was us zimmerman zimmerman started off really really hot and canada tailed off you know um mitch alone logan is another player you know had a couple of good games can play on special teams you know if he has a really good gang you don't know if you can exposed a player cult corey fuller core follow was in a battle with brandon coleman and really timely lewis you know but cana up and down and and and and really did hadn't had a play or two in media in the regular in a preseason games i mean those are just three players uh that could really have that will wolf factor to to to make it really hard for this change to release them but i mean ah i think that they're in a pretty good spot rashed wise and know what a lot of these gas can do but you know it it's about showing up on game day as well now uh do some of your pay you know this because i don't think he gets enough respect because uh come crunch time the postseason he's got it done that being a joke black now he's not available they don't know if he's going to be available for we want dealing with a back issue but looking at grew through volvo 5000 yard you kinda say well done that a number of times the look of flaco through over four thousand three hundred yards but when i read this now this is interested joe flaco joe montana hey kurt warner now joe montana kerr worn at the end the hall of fame are the only quarterback to nfl here who could through oh eleven touchdowns in a single season and either flaco nor montana threw an interception and also he through at least two touchdowns in eight straight playoff games making it the longest greek in nfl postseason history so do you.

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