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It just did not work. I think right jason. Hey you know what i got to move on. And jason mood on him and league like wind bills and they look like they looked like wedding veils. Okay i'm here with my fingers crossed that that's my first set of wedding. I got a couple of them. I've got a couple of so i have. I have those two. So the remember mario and Season to mario and rio and the young ladies. Nate reba reba. I think those are wedding bells. That a possible yes. So i'm just keeping my fingers crossed. That i got a couple of wind veils and it's just i'm just. I need that. I need that. I need to see. That's not working and where we all we go. We're gonna bump rescue aid. That's their wedding. Crashers new reality show anyway. So liz basically said that the thing that she loves about jason was that his honesty his was consistent. And that will. Jason said that he loved about liz as she positioned herself to be pursued for. They are together. They are couple. We were really really mad at joe. Well the way he treated ver- nisha shirley you know my boy from the rooting for him. But then you know my husband. And i know she's from new orleans he was watching he said donald. Say baby that much in new orleans he from. Yeah yeah. I know many home browse baby all of that all representative to do nothing of representative in the big easy. So there you have an. Let's move on so we're ready for the new season you were in. Dc quickly nephew lives in a shooting. Five and six. So y'all hold tight. I'm right at episode number two headed the number three right now so it's cooking so i think probably around september you'll probably get this particular season dropping yawkey to check it out. I'm gonna be here along with shooting another seasons so that's to atlanta to in houston now shooting to in dc. What's next. I don't know you know what y'all have been like the tampa. La yet is it time. But that's not my decision you know. That's above my pay grade. That's a wheel. Pack up this season right there. Yeah all right all right well. We go move on quickly to married to medicine. Speaking of reunion shows reunion part too. I just don't know what to say about dr contessa and her husband dot the scott. My man be line. Heating came out. He bum rushed the stage. Act like surprised with wife. Say she filed them papers. He was like what papers and like six months seven months ago. So you knew about the payments boy. He be li- he say he deems or instagram. much way too much. Dr scott shot out the quad. She did her things she was. Actually she took over as the moderate of the reunion. Show and becoming. Let's go with it so it was all good so we will watch and see what's going on next week. It is reunion part three dr contest. The dr scott. They are having some serious marital problems. Mug girl was crying the whole time. It was just really really heartbreaking to see. yeah so hopefully. We're rooting for them. To get it together. That is reality up. They hit me up on the graham at lifts my carla. What you guys shirley going out hat. Thank you for today's trending. Stories on the steve harvey morning. Show twenty minutes. After right after this. You're listening to morning show celebrity couple break-up news a kenny baby. Faith that men's wow and his wife nicole and berg yeah divorcing. They've been married seven years they're divorcing. After seven years of marriage. The couple issued a joint statement. It was published by tmz saying after much thought and great sadness. We have decided to end our marriage. We continue to care and have respect for one another and share eternal love for our daughter and her well being oh man he wrote all ended. A row secrets though. Listen to his self. Wow wow sorry to hear that Well moving on Okay here's some good news. All right here. We begin anyang and all right in celebrity wedding news. Congratulations to act or one of the greatest ever did it don cheadle and his fiancee bride now. Bridget culture Bear married now but they've been together twenty eight years and they finally decided to get together to get married when they asked don cheetah why he said it was pretty simple. Their accountant proposed both of them and he showed the numbers. Show them the numbers and they said. Oh yeah we should probably do it. More steve harvey morning show coming up at thirty three minutes after tax credit. You're listening to show all right guides time now for ask the l. o. Chief legal officer steve. Harvey is here. See this one is from diamond in baltimore. Diamond writes my thirty three year. Old boyfriend has been in jail for most of our relationship. We met for years ago and he's violated his probation twice since we've been together when he's gone i can't lie. I sneak around with my ex boyfriend and now that i am now that i am pregnant. I'm not sure who the father is. My boyfriend already has three children so he won't be happy about this. My ex just got married so it would be bad all the way around. If it's his child. Should i stay with my jailbird boyfriend and let him raise the child or tell my ex raising from where what is even zoom. You can win flow years. He'd been locked most of the focus. He keep violating probation. He can he can stay away from that now. So you've been seeing your ex. Now you pregnant. You'll know who baby mary but xs mary. So let me get miring. You k- get to right carolyn. Do the one you wall is in jail. The one you with is mary. Now you pregnant you'll always want it is right. And she says her boyfriend and jail won't be happy because.

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