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Let's off with a question just in terms of the social media landscape pre Kovin, and what happened has happened since because the reality is, we're not socializing the way we used to go to conferences and meet up and actually going to visit prospects and customers, so has social media become a lot more social. Yes, I'm really an advocate that social networks are in fact, social networks I am not really marketing channels in their primary instant, so I believe in the absence of in person meetings. We really have social networking. We have video conferencing and and phone calls. Of course we always have but social networks and social media platforms are more important than ever have been today because we have to stay in touch with people, we have to nurture and build our networks, and we have to build what I call social capital, which is really a positive outcome from those social interactions. When I'm wondering about is whether you've noticed a discernible difference in how people are using social or trying to use social, because a lot of people are some people really into it. There are social media, animals and others are the common may go some people that social media, but overall has. Have you noticed a change in behavior? My experience has been in the last several months that there's much more focus on linked in than ever before at a professional level that people are kind of desperate to to meet others engage. Do all the things you do when you attend a conference for instance or you go to in person needing that you share ideas you learn and. I've seen a lot. More people engaged in those platforms a lot more conversation happening in linked in between people. There's people writing articles way more content that way. Just people having a need to express themselves. I certainly see business networking. Which I think is A. Really, important part of social social media, an often overlooked in a.

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