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Channels over nearly all of North America and much of Africa. All you need is an affordable receiver and dish is smallest thirty inches. There are no monthly fees learn more. It's sad dot F._M.. Plus if you are a broadcaster or want to be one this is a good delivery method for our content CR coverage maps and get details at sat l. r. n. Dot F._M.. That sad dot F._M.. Sat Dot F._M.. selfo one is a free APP FOR ANDROID and I._O._S.. That replaces government control nine one one cell phone one allows you to preset a group of friends or private organizations to show up at any emergency sell for one of them nightmare for the state because it proves their so called services are needed sell four one as thousands of installs and of course it's covered by the pitcock. No government license sell four one one because your friends won't shoot you when you're in trouble without the government who would build the emergency services you and sell for one one. Get it today and get cell four four one one dot com now that you've found the Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. You may want to help expose others to our great programs to assist you in doing so you'll find resources at promote dot dot F._M.. Including details on how to get a free a bumper sticker quarter page flyers you can print out and distribute manners for your website as well as files will allow you make your own custom banners and graphics visit Promote Dot Dot F._M.. And help bring new listeners to the Liberty Radio Network. That's promote dot L. R. N. Dot <hes> F._M.. Why did you move to the Shire? I moved here to the Shire because there's other people around who take liberty just as seriously as I do. I moved to the Shire because I saw videos of people challenging authority and thought that I could get support myself. I self it called to me like do this right now. I wanted to be around people like me who got it and once I got here. I knew there was nowhere else I wanted to be. I've always wanted to change the world so I moved to the Shire to join join people who were actually working towards doing the same thing the people here are awesome loving and positive it was for the adventure and for the feeling of something important is happening here and I just wanted to come to.

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