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Whatever and i think. I moved around a little bit and went back to sleep and then i started feeling kissing touching again and stuff but it was weird because it was just like all in this area the second time. I'm like well what's going on. So what are our Turn over again and maho top is bit. He got his penis All over me. A whatever. And i'm just like okay me. I'm more a thinker. 'cause i bid situation i am been in a situation where somebody doing something that i didn't want like like that but i'm in in situations where i feel uncomfortable for and in this situation i'm like okay. It's for five in the morning. I don't have a vehicle. The police looking for me. Apparently i'm terrorists. So i can't really call the police 'cause i'm going to jail possibly in that defeats the purpose me being in the first place if i killed a man i'm still going to jail right. Jeff does not great options. That are going so i basically you know had to allow somebody else to feel comfortable to do what it was. They wanted to do until. I was loudly so i did. Give him oral sex because that's what he wanted and i'm not gonna upset somebody that in in the house that i don't know that i can't leave and ain't no telling wasn is beset. This man may do to me. I got a child to get home too. So i'm yeah. I'm gonna be uncomfortable for a little while to get the forgotten their right and it's when you're in those situations it's almost better to comply to be able to leave because if you don't you don't know what that person will do to harm you. I don't so it's him he is. I don't know what this man might do to keep his to save face. Correct me me me snapping out of san no stop. I don't want this. Why would you would. Because i already know me. I'm taking it off the top. If i got the opportunity to go so if i if i'm a goal i'm one hundred percent right. So and then he's going to have the opportunity to go one hundred per se. I'm in a weak zone. Because i'm his mother fucker house. Right you're essentially mercy yeah So like it. It just is what it is and i just said..

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