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An hour after sunrise a bright cloudless day earlier this year. I met gilroy on hampstead heath in north london for walk there are so many migratory birds. Arriving at the moment it's a joy he'd written in an email a few days earlier he was once again dressed in black. This time with a pair of knockers around his neck in with dark tinted circular sunglasses. He left me a pair of bins as he called them. And we walked over the hills and through the ancient woodland. If we're really lucky he said we'll see castro. I'd heard from friends. That gilroy was a bird watcher. But when i first put this to him. He flinched an adult like bird watcher as an identity category. He said he stressed that he does not wear camouflage or go to bird fares and he's not part of that culture the green son speckled heath was almost empty of people. The morning air was piped with birdsong. It was a postal saying the kind. That might be cool. Typically english as we go. Roy identified varieties of by rhapsody over ancient oak trees. He hasn't exacting ear easily distinguishing different species of birds from their interlaced song. A lot of these birds have migrated from west and central africa. Gilroy roy said what can i here right now. I can hear a great tit blue. Tit and there's a particular kind of warbler that sound which comes up from the area between niger and senegal. Later to a bemused university colleague. You happen to be walking by he. Tax them an iced three types of woodpecker the day before gilroy had delivered his inaugural lecture. Uc l. where he has been a professor since two thousand nine hundred ninety five video like he used it to make sense of boris johnson's government amancio report published in march by the government center for race ethnic disparities forgo roy. The reports which clumsily downplayed the significance of racism in british. Life signaled an attempt to wind back the political clock to a time when anger racism could be dismissed as people being. Chippy is designed to be an insult to the likes of me. He told me as we walked the coach. Wars have been simmering for as long as gilroy has been alive in the nineteen eighties. He wrote about how the press would claim labor run councils. Anti-racist endeavors with destroying freedom of speech but much has changed to the conservative cabinet. For instance is more diverse than ever before overtly racist messaging on immigration culture and heritage. He said in the lecture while suck putting the diversity and inclusion of minority government affiliates has so far at least proved to be a way to hold a new electoral bloc together a maintain the high temperature of populist and authoritarian ultra nationalism but really believes the something brittle about the conservatives approach which seeks to launch american spy battles over cultural values. I that the british political class has been entirely bereft of any ideas of its own for a very long time he told me and it's dismal inability to imagine a future for this country. That is not an american future is expressed in the turn toward denouncing critical race. Theory or going on about these things race and racism have never been for him about individual attitudes. They rather constitute a terrain on which politics takes place where social meaning is made in. After empire he describes race is something that absorbs the cries of those who suffered by making them sound less human the triumphant indifference of the uk government to was the suffering of others. It is in the process of making it even harder. For refugees to claim asylum is a sign that race continues to do his pernicious.

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