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Jenny dearborn is the chief learning officer at the software giant sap and has been recognized as one of the fifty most powerful women in technology she believes that being data oriented leads to more than just excess in the marketplace it fosters better leadership in creates happy organizational structures drawing on insights from her latest book the data driven leader jenny discusses how can use that solve important leadership challenges in overhaul work cultures for the better this episode of the podcast is presented by smart water what makes smart water so smart it starts with a little inspiration from the clouds nature's pure source of water smart water copies those puffy clouds and creating vapor distilled purity pure perfection smart water also has electrolytes which helps give it that clean crisp taste clouds always be inspiration since the waters vapor distilled for purity purity you can taste at ration you can feel choose smart water or smart water sparkling today at your local retailer so my responsibility at sap there we go that is problematic yeah so my responsibility sap is looking at the future trends of the workforce the future of work and to think about how these future trends are impacting our global workforce so you have an an an outdated a bio for me 'cause there's ninety five thousand employees at sap and sap is one of the top twenty brands in the world there's the four hundred ninety of the top five hundred corporations in the world use sap software most banks most.

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