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Parents weren't allowed to have touched the kids or have seen the kids and then he played a words from a socalled reporter who's also a conspirists who said that mr hesseltine claiming that he held his son and saw the bullet hole in his head that is not possible more than five years rights elizabeth williamson after one of the most horrific mass shootings in modern history the families of sandy hook victims are still enduring daily threats and online abuse from people who believe bogus theories that are being put forward basically for personal aggrandizement and profit in three separate lawsuits the most recent was filed this week and superior court in bridgeport connecticut the families of eight sandy hook victims as well as an fbi agent who responded to the shooting seek damages for defamation the families alleged in one suit that some of these conspiracy theorists quote persistently perpetuate a monstrous unspeakable lie that the sandy hook shootings were staged and the families who lost loved ones that day are actors who faked their relatives deaths i i actually think this is an important lawsuit and yes yes it is extraordinarily clear that not even the most crazed conspiracies could honestly believe any of it certainly all these years afterward because to believe it you would have to believe that there was collaboration from the fbi and from the local police and from the state police and from the coroner's offices and from all of these families what happened to their children where they go most of the families still live in sandy hook in fact one of these stories that is described here in this article involves a child who's now sixteen who was there in school his brother was killed and he has nightmares because of what people have said sandy hook families have been followed videotaped and harassed by people demanding proof that their loved ones actually died monuments to the slain children that have been up erected newtown have been stolen and defaced there's a one of the fathers of a dead child has been received numerous death threats including a leaflet who was handed to him look behind you it is death they've had to move into a twenty four hour security gated community nate wheeler fifteen hidden a school supply closet during the.

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