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Would that was you. How were before before we get. Let keeps on antonio sean brown quarterback who was the real sakina scott is here. Hey sakina good morning. Shout to Shahi johnson who just called up lessons brooklyn cakes in the building was brooklyn cakes. Hey and my rama. Road johnson herro. Well morning tiffany closely in the building. Shot to shoot worked photography on i. g. toasting the lavallee is here on g. I'm the scorpion. Scorpio queen on aggie. Tanya tan knelt is in the building had grown Shutout to trap comedy. One on. I g good morning shelby. P. as in the building. Hey girl natalie right here one in shelagh hall. Good morning to you. Shutouts who diane. How are we had a giant. Hauge morning prentice kayaks. It's in the building baby on mr robinson other. Yeah go you know. He's got gotta get good shot dead. Yeah lawyer this here. Hager olga boarded. Shut out to nj soup in a build on agit. Good morning to you Julius gala shaw is here. hey Shaun be xs and the bill dish make. Love is here. Hey should make a good morning was that i have seen if you are here. Like the shot it out. You know hasham's like i said yes and shout to deal over sending although stars y'all be a star baller like de low. We appreciate you and natalie right. Thank you so much. For those stars we appreciate. You definitely make sure that you follow us to sean harvey morning show featuring the wake up hold on a second hold on guys on our business page Like and follow that raw on our group page the show and i remind show featuring team group and we're on instagram iheartradio platform a fan radio app. Comedy run that dot com. Follow us on their. We truly appreciate your like this video and throw it on your wall. Thank you so much father's day John hitting the sean you there yes. I'm cine like if your girlfriend and linen. I'm going to call you in a minute girlfriend. she's married. You come back home to the boyfriend. Has a relationship is still status quo. How does that relationship start with the boyfriend however no it's probably not even big conversation and it's probably like a lot of sarcasm and you go. You'll feel it at the wedding right. And in that sarcasm will how would that tonight. How would pay me a pitch of this. I guess somebody has their life together and somebody knows what they wanna do the rest of their life. Good to see somebody. Has it all figured out. You know bunch of stuff like that was in that position. Would it be sarcasm on. How would that be but no no be straightened direct to the point like oh so you mean to tell me you let show friend who only known his girl for two years getting married and we've been together for xyz marry. You need get your stuff together. If i'm a reader i got so yes the. I'm not being the by his girlfriend. Say you go or get off the pack. And what they say. Now look sean runoff. God bless she's on for have you have you got. I'm sorry i need to say to you because already sent you a note congratulations. I'm really happy for you. I see that rain moving around more on the screen. No you can handle more. I'm i'm very happy for you. You look very notice your own that on the old hands own. I'm very proud to be married man now to really listening records two weeks so keep read young shot down a you went to female one that do not i think. If y'all gotta stop. I went to my wife goes and you went to jennifer and with the ling. Say that the names are jennifer. May tina right. They don't be using the asian age. No more right right. of course. I don't submit to the social media and posts that i was getting my knelt down daughter. Like sean sean. Against getting speech scrubbed and putting on social media so so so your man and you gone and you get in your your feet done in a salon and you're videotaping for social media. There's something disturbingly wrong with you know women. I think that makes sense men. If you're doing that something's wrong with you sean. Sinister cine said full of sarcasm and it stems with shy. He thanked me. forget mary. Thanks i appreciate you. And i look at randy montgomery because this really shipping me out. Cine said full of sarcasm. Thanks for the punch lines sending barbies more direct when she gets home. This is after you get home after the way. Of course i would. Never look in there sean. Have you been in situations. Where your homegirl. When your home girls got married and the other homegirl is still you know in the same place and how that conversation was. I've been on both sides of that it. Some people are happy for you. Some people are not so there's little hate little happiness. Some people are ready to get married. But they haven't found the right mate. So when i got married i remember. I remember getting engaged in growing show a friend of ring and she asked me to pass it assault. She just looked right over the ring that told me right there where she was that with it so getting married. I did it very private. It was just me and my husband has sister and my son so understood your privacy okay And when i tell you that bailey. No-one congratulated me. Because they were more upset that i did it in private and didn't tell anyone so you have. I never understood that. Because i believe that you don't have to have a birthday or have a birthday party for somebody to give you a gift. If somebody give you a gift for your birthday they will just extend that gift anyway. I didn't even get congratulations. Nothing was like pulling teeth.

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