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Say he requires frequent breathing treatments and may have lung cancer during a recent exam a doctor failed to find veins and either of campbell's arms suitable for in us and iv in yemen the us backed saudi led coalition bombed the main airport in the capital sanaa on tuesday damaging the runway and destroying navigation equipment the attack after saudi arabia shot air land and sea routes into to yemen joining warnings from the united nations that the clampdown could worsen yemen's and massive cholera epidemic and set off the largest famine the world has seen in decades with millions of victims tuesday's name connecticut democratic senator chris murphy who tweeted quote the ussaudi coalition took bronze sauna port last night now no humanitarian relief by air this is bar barrack murphy tweeted in libya human rights monitors who toured the country's migrant detention camps say nearly twenty thousand people are enduring horrific conditions this is united nations spokesperson jeremy lawrence i was shocked by what i witnessed thousands of the united traumatized men women and children piled on top of one another locked up in hangers with no access to the most basic necessities and stripped of their human dignity human rights advocates wanting your and to withdraw its support for libya's prime minister and the is run migrant detention centers as part of a see crossings the european union currently supplies funds equipment and training for libya's board and coast guard and australians have decisively voted in favour of marriage equality prompting prime minister malcom term volker to call on parliament to pass a bill legalising all marriages countrywide by the end of the year nearly eighty percent of australians binding national postal survey with nearly twothirds approving of marriage equality the outcome sparked celebrations in cities across australia this is sydney city councillor christine forster it's been a really special moment it's and it's a of mine modified saint for australia it's it's the point in our history where we have said we've art resounding laid for a bad at feira contrary and that he saw a special you can't put a price on the and those are some of the headlines this pressing now democracy now dot org the warren peace report i'm amy goodman we're broadcasting live from the.

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