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Love island the morning after sponsored by kelloggs cornflakes cab dot in las long today on freeling very very emotional right now i am so annoyed kendall nihil jack and danny haley an ale should say hale was going on there also shocked up yesterday what a difference day makes the woman that we one person then they're gonna die there's an connected to these couples and the next thing on a look back and then we haven't even got to the point of tuna girls going into the villa this is so behavior i'm not happy but welcome ladies and gentlemen to the morning after this is your fischel of item podcast of me free chem cetinje i mean we've got a lot discussed haven't way you moan over happy about the new goes but i'm very happy about the news okay that properly back first up here are your headlines last night at road nile describes the moment he first got the tattoo of her monies one of always stupid kendall discovers there's a silent s in the island no one was expecting the like none of the girls respite not i wasn't expect and alex fines the autocorrect on his phone would let him type el feel love island the morning after f you didn't see last night's episode you missed a hell of a lot of crying a hell of luck saying so you need to head over to the hub and make sure you catch up what is coming up on today's podcast i hear you ask him so what is happening on today's podcast reo and adams surprised as all by choosing to couple with kendall didn't did nio seems to reach new levels of pranking i mean we always knew the item was going to slither in get it kids these be mug owed we've we've got stop these come to live animal and after meeting the girls yesterday we're going to get to know in the boys and little bit better.

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