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It's harder to get parts california i can drive anywhere within an hour and picking up any single part that i need so so know on it was nice i lived at again as an adult but it further you mean that you know i'm i'm living in california that's that's what we're saying so back that he he mentioned that you can do what we do all year and that you know whether you're doing car bike or working with this brand or that brand i find everybody centralizing california mike gotta drive a couple of hours but i was from the mid west and if i needed to get anything done you know i got fly around there's this show many different people here like key people to work with i just find that so much more productive being on this coast i obviously california is kinda the mecca of motor sports but it's great that i can work and do what i do all year round there's not i don't get no months off like canada i get six months of winter i can't even go outside it's time to show she out of to get into the set and it's yeah think we're on yeah so i guess we're back at school being able to just pick up anything all the time like you said so many people out here and it just it just makes you know working which more convenient people say like but it's also a lot harder when you got drive two hundred miles like the closest anything if you're out like in the mid west or east coast sometimes so walk them to the show chris forsberg.

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