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Many start stopped to consider how much we're drinking and in lots of cases it can be more than we realize. . It can often be that trip to the doctor that forces you to really think about how much you consuming we come week for some. . This might just be the realization that you're actually drinking in excess with a reliance on alcohol that you didn't even know really existed. . This week's food for thought, , sees myself a mental health, , `Nice Mark Himes who specializes in substance misuse delve into alcohol and addiction to explore how it can change us and what we can do to prevent this from happening. . Had No mark aloke morning good morning we are recording this at the feels like the crack of dawn to me to be on mark but. . The conversation we're about to have. . Probably some people would associate. . She thinks star typically with the evening habits but actually for some, , it could be all day long. . So we know that the health implications of drinking alcohol. . A pretty strong. . Would it be better for us all on a whole if we were just Tito till Question and we. . If we look at it if alcohol yet, , another alcohol is a highly. . Kelsey GENYK. . alcon council, , another is linked to sixty different medical conditions. . There's always balances while about being humid and looking into experiences were social creatures and some people alcohol plays a really important part in. . So <hes> in a in a way alcohol. . Can just talk modern personal life is the I wouldn't have met my wife I. . We probably wouldn't have had my three children without the aid of alcohol. . Out The hourly sheet is hume is very complex. . We we've been probably doing it from from Vive Aleutians. . <hes>. . So it's actually say we'll get rid of this substance <hes> <hes>. . Then that's that's that's not going to happen <hes> and he's supposed to be aware over that. . Really is the people that we should ban it. . You know if alcohol was new substances coming out, , would bonnet that that's pretty true by actually <hes> hasn't we've grown up around it. . You know the way that we process alcohol. . Way With evolved. . Because we've been living side by side with it. . And you know throughout I'll. . Recycle. .

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