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Quick take. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Josh, keep on climbing. It's all about corporate earnings, which are rolling in, and we had some economic data that came in better than expected. Treasuries are down after hawkish comments from fed officials made it apparent a pivot in policy is unlikely. The S&P 500 is up one and a quarter percent of 51, the Dow is up over 1%, up 338, and the NASDAQ's up 2.1% up 262. Out of the ten years down 9 30 seconds a yield 2.78%. What's tax intermediate courage down two and a half percent at 92 ten a barrel comics gold is down 9 tenths of a percent of 1773, 80 and ounce. The dollar yen one 34 24, the Euro, a dollar O one 40 to British pound, a dollar 21 28. OPEC plus responded to months of diplomatic efforts from U.S. president Joe Biden with one of the smallest. Oil production increases in history, cartel says it'll add only a 100,000 barrels a day of oil in September. Not even enough to power Matt Miller's new vehicle. That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continue that with the aforementioned Matt Miller and Paul sweetie. I'm excited to get my truck Chevy Silverado. 1500 ZR2 in glacier blue, glacier blue. And it's got a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8, as opposed to a naturally aspirated. As opposed to a turbo or a supercharger. Naturally. Just motor and I can't wait, but I'm guessing that I'll do 13 miles a gallon. I think that's what I'll get. Yeah. And plus you can do this in Westchester. The official figures are like 17. So you need that in case you've got to do who knows when I need to do some construction work here. Oh, sure. You know? I might want to pick up a court of wood, go out to the ranch. I'm sure. You know, I might want to put my I do want to put my motorcycle in the back. All right, so I'm going to talk to a professional now. Peter silver glade, vice chairman, U.S. tech leader at Deloitte joins us what's that? Peter, seeing right on my screen there, but maybe not, I will check. Paul, we've got it both both to they're both they were both hanging out with Jesus. Right, they were both Peter and Paul. What do you call those guys again? Yeah. All right, we got that. All right, Paul silver, great. Sorry about that, Paul, vice chairman, U.S. tech leader for Deloitte. Hey Paul, talk to us about it. I know you guys do a lot of work on kind of technology, trends in technology. I don't know, it just seems like over the last two and a half years, I'm using my phone for more and more stuff banking, for example. I'm like the Wiz now when it comes to doing my personal banking on the phone, what are you guys finding out when you look at that stuff at Deloitte? Yeah, thanks, Paul and Matt. We're finding that you are not alone. Everybody is really trying to kind of dominate master their digital life banking health, home, everything is, if it feels like you are seeing and interacting with tech a lot, you are. We would say like in the last three years that we've been doing this report, which is really all during the kind of just before COVID and all through the COVID time, we like to look at COVID as being kind of like a time Zine that a time machine that thrust us like tens of years into the future. So a lot of these things existed. And now they exist huge. What we found is in the home, people are still dealing with an awful lot of technology. We're down slightly from 25 different tech things to 22 things. We divide those into technology, smartphone, laptops, things like that, and entertainment, smart TVs, wireless headphones, gaming, and smart home, smart technology is about the same at 11 this year versus last year, but entertainment home, those are the ones that took a slight decrease, which may be a suggesting people are starting to get comfortable with what they like and comfortable with what they don't like. So tech is here to stay and it's going to be growing, but I do think what our results have showed is that people are starting to really figure out how to interact with technology and working from home. Playing gaming, digital health and all those sorts of things. It does seem like there are some benefits here, especially I'm thinking about telemedicine and working from home. But in general, Paul, I don't think this tech is making my life any better or less busy. Am I in the minority there? Because I feel like I'm still, in fact, I feel like I'm busier now than I was before all this tech. And I haven't seen like the killer app that can do all my work for me. I'm still entering data. The apps aren't talking to each other. And I'm spending more money on this stuff, is it going to make life better eventually? Well, you said two things. You said better and less busy. So I would argue yes better. I would say don't count on less busy. And so I've been in and around the tech business about 25 years and I remember way back when the fax machine came out and everybody thought that would be great because you get your mail three days faster. They thought that word processing would be great because you wouldn't have to use correction tape and things like that. Obviously none of that made us less busy. In fact, it just made what the quality of what good was that much better. So I think we're not going to get less busy. I think we're all going to be kind of constantly on and constantly engaged. But I think your life will be better, right? And so even with virtual visits, over 50% of the people had a virtual visit within the last year, prior to the pandemic, I think that was in the 20% and people would say that they actually like their virtual visit. Almost the same amount as they like their in person visits. Although there are certain things if it was a new ailment or something like that, you obviously would like to doctor to get kind of hands on you or something like that. But the convenience of being able to just dial in not have to travel there and not have to sit in a waiting room with other stick of people. That was considered better. So I would argue better, I would argue we're in a really good time right now and

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